li-ying zhao meimei you not wear clothes?this dress is really not good!


recently, li-ying zhao debut movie"journey to the west girl country"premiere in hong kong, sweet but person always li-ying zhao, this is the same smile to attend full activity, happy eyes smile became a crescent shape!

familiar li-ying zhao net friend knows, li-ying zhao cute, but the body is not very perfect, so the beginning had a confused period of dress collocation, finally got to the stylists, become fashionable goblins, what to wear good-looking!

this activity, however, don't know is in modelling division, or a stylist's mistake, anyway, tie-in than before for a period of time, has been really is!

jacket is off-white denim jacket, set up in a white t-shirt, lovely high his ponytail on collocation, is also of interest dye-in-the-wood.

what do you think is the feeling of a lively girl 18 years!

but don't know how to think, stylist is part of the body with a pair of blue jeans, possibly go to cowboy handsome style, the body itself is relatively thin li-ying zhao, however, in this article slightly wide trousers foil below, appear not only some short legs, and always feel that can't afford to hold this pair of trousers!

shoes collocation is recently very fire balenciaga sports shoes, jeans, but if the match is a cultivate one's morality either blue or black, estimates that can easily seem thin, long legs!

and, as everybody knows, shaping the perfect proportions of a magic weapon is to raise the waist line, but stylist in the opposite direction, take the t-shirt is so bright in lou in the outside, than the long, also covered the waist line should have come to light, are you really sure that good-looking?

ridicule to ridicule, but li-ying zhao level is definitely didn't have to pick in appearance, and body and it was not all people is absolutely perfect, looking for the right style li-ying zhao, really is beautiful as fairy!

li-ying zhao is really suitable for wear long skirt, she is thin, in a pink organza dress, is the real fairy one!

pink dress girl feels dye-in-the-wood, backless although small dew sexy, but collocation li-ying zhao baby face, very cute!

simple stripe t-shirt, tie-in and irregular bull-puncher skirt, coupled with a pair of knee-high boots, long legs little sister here!

purple plaid coat is very loose, collocation in contrast to the blue jeans, panasonic tight on collocation, deserve to go up in a pair of high heels, very significant figure!

wave point render t-shirt, plus a cowboy strapless dress, tailor fit style, showing li-ying zhao perfect waist line, figure is not too good!

each of us has our own can not hold the style, fashion wear is a process of constantly trying, only through the failure of countless times, to get the most suitable for their own style, hope li-ying zhao's stylist can continuously learn, long snacks!!!!

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