change their hair as cosmetic from big face younger sister to oval faces what the song hye kyo!


hairstyle is how important to a person?to find a suitable for their own hair, need not spend a lot of money of plastic, also can let your beauty, is more a level.

grace wave is become successful, long hair seems to be around her cold high temperament, looks for pop...but a cut hair, the goddess of the coming out of the whole people like magazine!

before change hair:the hair saddle points, also make the already fleshy face, looks bigger area was a pie face,

after the changes:is this the legendary air bang!after hair end part of the hot rolled, increase hair fleeciness feeling with weight, also cleverly cover round cheeks, whole person looks become super have temperament, netizens said at the hairstyle is oval faces ah song hye kyo.

change hair before:congenital condition is not bad, just don't have characteristics of straight hair, let a person look no spirit and old.

after the changes:long curly hair is very popular nowadays, not only make people look handsome many, also has a professional style of han ol, can also can be sexy cute~

change hair before:all the girl with long hair, don't dare to try short hair?

after the changes:hfm handsome short hair again, not only let oval faces appear more slender, also highlight the many to the people."

change hair before:this should be the most difficult part of girl, how to hide the fleshy face become beautiful, is in the test designer capability!

after the changes:the original saddle hair, slightly recurved after the short hair end, not only modify the face, plus clear sea also let many people become lovely

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