a change of hairstyle as facial plastic surgery?premise is you have to avoid those pit!

recently on the microblogging hot search"change a hairstyle as cosmetic", it fully embodies the a hairstyle is how important!

from bob, bob to lob, the corresponding change according to each person's face, not only improved the level appearance, feel even temperament all changed!

after watching the also can't wait to want to change hair style?calm down!let female stars tell you"blood"!

na former hair modelling is impressive, but the shorter boy haircut really doesn't suit her.the original goddess temperament and take naughty boys head match feeling slightly, feel some not harmonious.

boy of cecilia liu wind hair style also is such effect.because the poem with a tranquil graceful temperament, although the boys head let she broke through the original style, but some do not.

xin wu bingle quite suitable for her, but the key lies in the secondary yuan bang.dog chew on eyebrow bang very pick people, so for xin wu style still is not good.

gao also stepped on secondary yuan bang, not only failed to achieve the effect of the reduction of age, instead will destroy all her original elegant temperament.

the length of your hair cut short but sometimes highlights shortcomings.krystal so, for example, cut short hair makes her face after getting longer on the vision, but temperament maturity and not enough on foot.

angelababy after the original long hair cut short, the length of the hair is somewhat awkward.not only to be old many, and will be all over her neck, affect the overall proportion, let a person feel a short neck.

so if you want to change hair style, actually need to know what standard?

1.sleep not to wake the lob head

a lob head is a high degree of practical hairstyle, suitable to want to change the style with short hair, but don't know what to cut hair girl.lob head need to avoid the minefields are:

1) atrium prolate girl, as shown in the above, the person's facial features in"three court five eye"as the gold standard, and more right atrium lob head slants long;

2) wide forehead, hair amount slightly less;

2.air bang

change hair style is the most important step is to determine their own face, your eyebrow end to the corners of the mouth of the longitudinal length of the"long", distance from the center of the jawbone as"wide"on both sides.

the most suitable air bang face longer, but the chin part is not very narrow sister!because for this kind of face shape the key is to shorten the longitudinal ratio on the vision.

zhang li face is such, so her short hair+air bang is a very good hairstyle demonstration.comparison show the entire forehead bob before, now of the hair in a shortened the face at the same time, and the effect of the reduction of age.

3.the boy wind super short hair

as long as the hair cut short to know a golden rule:the earlobe to vertical length of the jaw is greater than 5.7 centimeters, is suitable for arbitrary length and style of hair.

this boy little hair to expose the neck line, so the neck ratio is one of the key.if facial features more stereo, it would be perfect!

junyan jiao long hair looks very girl-next-door before, but too bland.the super short hair cut boy wind, not only to reveal her perfect neck line, and fully open the aura!!!!tapping gas!

what change hair style, your in the mind have points?~

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