showbiz legend!this a few actor fat pork belly but of vomiting blood

recently mine better tone of the peace hotel is really see meng i, my mama zha all of a sudden he double chin into table of streaky???????

but from this a map of unfriendly perspective, take a look at mine better sound in the peace hotel in other state of fat into a ball, emmm...feel a little cute?

on the other hand, increase the version of the mine better sound in sao operation of the show is fun to watch, but you know, the show and pat"first half", between the interval of only one or two months?but jun-sheng chen is thin cbd elite, although the head is big, but somehow turtleneck is wearing out of the rocks to coat

how overnight just like the steamed bread swelling, small ma3 jia3 chuan chuan?

but words, such as mine better sound fat rather than fat, but with a lovely, in the entertainment circle is not little still?such as the purpose, young white flour niche.

but, after fat, also with the purpose of a cleft, become more circle powder!because he stay fat not fat ah, is thick and lovely also!

is on a"day day up", see have to eat quickly host shouted for joy:really want to each issue.

but photo seems not very, very fat, is a little control?uh huh, see he recently on a variety show on like this, relieved to be assured that the fat and not from the cute ha ha ha!

of course, in addition to mine better sound and the purpose, jay chou of fat is not yielding ah, once the king is like this, thin cool, when you dance and show a pair of abs,

but with kun ling have confined to keep for a few days?rose face yuancheng sandwich cake.

and is clearly fat into tuo shape, also killed don't admit, says this is called strong?finally spending his own wife to help speak for themselves, pan to the cameraman.

cameraman:back without moving back still i want to escape~

secretly think fans to give him this comic jay should be used in the making of avatar is ha ha ha!

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