with negotiating authority light ripe female outfit workplace first get yang mi with money

guide language:by yang mi, tao's combining the two flow cafes"negotiator"finally online, the first day started just washed up on the hit drama list visible popularity!the dramatis personae established the only woman for international institutions negotiator yang mi, good skill, not only bring debate qunru also stopped by to take goods in ability to play.on two sets, many netizens said, really want to and the tongweixue outfit!(editor:@philtre)

queen take goods online

watch the friends always remember negotiator, yang mi in the face of friends questioned himself at the age of 27, published a"talk", does that mean to you in my heart!27 what is it?!work we have rich talent and appearance, but is now in a new era of women!

27, what is it?!

the age of 27+, even into the light ripe female, so has accounted for our daily in the workplace to wear a large wardrobe, today we can't say good-looking fashionable why old business attire to wear!

the little girl's sweet, more mature career girl, light ripe female actually difficult to wear.dressed in reduction of age, a bit not careful can easily be said to tender, too formal and old.like this red bowknot ruffled shirt, is tie-in a formal dress in black, clipping is able to neutralize the shirt girl, won't appear too depressing!

in the yang mi wear a red shirt skirt

when it comes to girls' favorite bowknot, yang mi in the negotiator also wear many times, but with a more neutral suit item to match, so appear both the feminine, and not too rigid.

yang mi in michael kors bowknot shirt

yang mi wear black bowknot shirt and a suit vest

which one saint laurent white tie shirt match givenchy black suit, capable of fashionable!visible, want to be a modern workplace light ripe female, first to try to tie shirt dress suit.

yang mi white tie shirt dress suit

item recommendation:


anna sui


when it comes to business attire, a suit is one of indispensable sheet is tasted, in addition to the above said to can match and chiffon bow shirts, suits own choice can also be more pattern, add some embroidery elements, make integral collocation more has the design feeling!

yang mi in suit into grain decoration

wind small suit or a college, won't appear boring, too boss.

yang mi gucci coat

item recommendation:

isabel marant etoile

thom browne

in addition to career women are most often wear black and white ash, spring is coming soon, it is time to his wardrobe one bright spot.so in the negotiator, yang mi also wear a lot of cream color is bright color sheet is tasted, not only show white also very relaxed.ginger yellow coat with plaid shirt, and a yellow bag, enough mirror.

yang's yellow outfit

green plaid shirt dress collocation fastens with color cloth, also is very small and pure and fresh!

yang mi wear green plaid shirt dress cloth skirt

show bai liqi water blue sweater!

yang mi in water blue coat with the scarf

left shoulder grey coat collocation fastens with color again turtleneck sweater, also is a kind of tie-in show advanced mature technique.

grey coat with grey inside a

item recommendation:

by malene birger

diane von furstenberg

max mara

in the end, we take a look at the workplace in the choice of bags.as a working girl, capacity is too small bag is not practical enough, too simple package and seem a bit old.so, in the play, yang mi can chose to shoulder a little bag style.such as the michael kors tassel to shoulder bags, go out in the outside back is cool to be very practical.

yang mi with mk bags

a practical bag bag is very important to

item recommendation:

danse lente


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