small plait can also play out fashion big figure!


still the single ponytails?spread the new tricks, look at the small plait big figure!the first paragraph

soft sister essential bilateral plait, sprout and beautiful!

step1:with pointed teeth to comb the hair into wavy line, avoid old linear boundary.

step2:from the top of the head at the bottom of the side began to weave a plait down, don't make too tight, always with a rubber band ends.

step3:both side braids that will be programmed to pull clear texture is the key to it.the second paragraph of

plait, combined with the modelling of the head, special and sweet

step1:the bang hair from top to bottom in the rear of the plait three-ply braid into a fancy plait.

step2:will be on the left side of the plait to the other side with hairpin.

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