li xiaolu to get gold but was embarrassed to malfunctions

impact such as li xiaolu derailed because a lot of trouble, it doesn't matter the heat just down, just attended an activity for gold.

velvet suit is very popular this season, not only show temperament also show long legs, so by many stars are in favour, not li xiaolu is wearing velour suit to attend some activities.

but because it is a star, always encounter bump unlined upper garment of embarrassing situations.this, li xiaolu and bump unlined upper garment to hairong tian, 43, hairong tian also wore a velvet suit to go to paris fashion week, two people who are better.

li xiaolu

li xiaolu to attend the activity

li xiaolu and huang xiaoming

li xiaolu smile with huang xiaoming intimate photo, looks both mood is pretty good!delicate makeup look with the goddess of the big wave no problem.

have to say that li xiaolu was beautiful.

but with bump unlined upper garment of hairong tian ratio, or slightly less

hairong tian

hairong tian

hairong tian a suit of camel's hair velvet suit, practically perfect collocation, not concave show good figure, long legs, but also set off the skin as snow, blow play can be broken, smooth, white, let a person envy.

don't know the two big beauty, do you like?

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