skin aging caused by big pores on the package can be tight and smooth

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last week, this article introduces the structure of the pores and the oil type pore formation and improve method.many students can't wait to understand aging type pore solution countermeasures.know your worry, today for you targeted analysis of the causes of ageing type pore 】 【 and improve nursing mode.want to review this article and the oil type pore 】 【 click here:"the oil type pore bulky? solution for you".

what type of ageing is pore

the last time i have introduced to the appearance of the oil type pore:circular pores by sebaceous glands secretion of crazy out oil(enlarged) and the cause of aging type pores and skin aging, usually appears as water droplets form, why?now let's look at the droplets form the appearance of pores.

healthy young skin, pore is the surrounding skin with plenty of collagen, elastin, fibronectin and hyaluronic acid for support.but with age, or don't pay attention to prevent bask in, the pores around the elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid in rapid loss, if the 20 year-old relative content of hyaluronic acid in the human body positioning is 100%, then at the age of 30, 50, 60 were reduced to 65%, 65% and 25%;dermal collagen, are about 80% of the average women began to gradually lost, at the age of 20, 25, after enter the loss peak, peak, 30 into the loss at the age of 40 in collagen protein almost disappeared.

like surface collapse, when geological structure is loose, close enough, once encounter danger, the ground will when the pores around the"geological structure"not tight the full, will not be able to support the structure of the a result, started to"collapse"around the pores.(see below) elliptic droplets form pores, hence the name.

water pore formation and the loss of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid is closely related to the!so we also often called water pores"aging"pore type.this type of pores with problems, usually face will have wrinkles, such as crow's feet, the corners of the mouth lines and wrinkles.

what causes sagging aging type pores appear

we can see from the chart, uv and age are the two main causes of aging skin.

our skin is a multilayer structure, youthful skin, skin table mellow like boiled eggs, because at this point in the skin collagen is sufficient(like cotton) within the mattress, it along with hyaluronic acid, is responsible for the planar structure of propping up the skin, so skin luster, and exquisite.and elastin, like the spring mattress, responsible for the elasticity of the skin(loss of elasticity of the spring, there is no support, mattress will get a flat tire.there is a kind of fibrin glue fibronectin, it with dot structure connecting the collagen and elastin, like"reinforcement", make the skin collagen and elastin are more stable.we are most familiar with hyaluronic acid and young skin is necessary, it is mixed in three kinds of proteins, gather and a large number of moisture, keep the overall structure of skin types.the four"young"tacit cooperation, complete solid dot, line, face the whole structure of skin, make skin soft, tender, like baby elastic.

however, as the growth of the age, metabolism slows, and uv rays and a lack of maintenance, the skin texture will sag, the pore and sag is an organic whole repeatedly, form a line.and due to the loss of elastin and collagen, skin will droop under gravity, so the formation to the obvious grain, pore through the dermatoglyph together one by one, into a part of the wrinkles.can see directly below the right.

pore narrow can't truly be

itself is not a rubber band, pore structure itself does not have the ability to it's impossible to pores shrink.but at least we can protect skin to taste, to avoid the pores further out of control.therefore, prevent the pores appear in advance, you should be the primary concern is not now?

is prevented bask in!sunscreen!sunscreen!

mentioned above, the uv rays is one of the main causes leading to aging type pores appear, we more than 90% of all skin problems from ultraviolet light.uva and uvb rays are the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, from penetrating power, most of the sun to block the uvb by earth's atmosphere, therefore, can penetrate the atmosphere is more than 90% of uva,uvb rays can reach the skin epidermis layer, whereas uva can reach the dermis of the skin.from short-term damage, uva can make skin appear black, produce the phenomenon such as spots, and long-term damage is can cause damage to dna and collagen, accelerate skin aging.

we could not prevent the passing of time, but we can reduce uv damage to skin, so it is very important to prevent bask in, how to prevent bask in, interested in the same association can have a look at the old cow written before the breast before the sunscreen, isolation, makeup and use of the difference between a sequence"

the use of vitamin a ingredients maintain article

in addition to the sun, daily skin care products for external use only, i recommend the containing retinol to protect skin to taste.retinol is our familiar with vitamin a composition at ordinary times, it can help hair follicle wall collagen hyperplasia, restore elasticity, thickening of the skin, aging skin epidermis layer is very thin), prevent the pores around"collapse", make pore structure around once full smooth, natural pores"looks"will be small.the effectiveness of topical skin care products, of course, only for aging early oh, pore type and must insist to use.if you three days fishing two days the net, that any external use protect skin to taste is not effective.later i will specially introduce retinol the all-round anti-ageing ingredients.

with peptides maintain article

can stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastin, make skin become smooth and elastic, and the benefits of peptides, the old cow was also wrote an article, see the topical skin care can replace micro plastic, what?".

good hydrating

to maintain water embellish skin full of elasticity, in addition to prevent the loss of collagen, elastin, and reduce the hyaluronic acid.interested in association with, then you can have a look at the old cow has written"don't superstitious 100% high concentration of hyaluronic acid liquid, it's just...".

with aging pore type is not the end of the world

if you don't understand, because of the young and the very obvious aging type pore, unfortunately, at present is almost no topical skin care products can help you really tightens pores.but don't despair, the modern medical hairdressing technology, can help you.(but must go to normal qualified medical beauty clinic, consult professional doctor do understand)

in accordance with relaxed, the cause of formation of pores, such as pores caused by dry, can choose to fill type medical beauty means, such as the mainland more fire water guangzhen;if because of the loss of collagen, elastin, can choose to stimulate collagen and elastin hyperplasia medical beauty means, such as mainland common lattice laser, radio frequency, etc.water guangzhen

water guangzhen using special needles, combined the technology of vacuum negative pressure, the wastage of hyaluronic acid injection to the human body for aging skin dermis, not only can stimulate the skin metabolism, can in a short period of time to make skin water embellish burnish, refine pores and contraction effect.but if use the low crosslinking or not crosslinked hyaluronic acid, due to relatively fast in the body metabolism, a single treatment effect of beautiful skin in general will gradually weaken in 20 days to 30 days.

lattice laser, radio frequency(rf)

laser is to use"light"treatment, is of the radio frequency to use"electricity"treatment, generally referred to as the photoelectric therapy.photoelectric treatment can improve the pore is bulky.pore is bulky and pisong, proposed alternative for lattice rf;big pores and wrinkles, lattice laser relatively more appropriate.of course, specific or listen to professional doctor's advice.provided below are for reference only.

in addition to the above method, for example, medical beauty, you can also use the photon tender skin, such as micro needle therapy, improve rough pore specific choose which kind of, the old cow or advice, let the doctor to choose according to your skin and demand, which project must not blindly follow others said good, just to try, more do not choose no medical qualifications agency to do it.

the old cow summary

for aging relaxation type pore

1, completes the sunscreen, minimize the ultraviolet ray of light aging, type of pores to prevent aging.

2, select the right maintain article, such as peptides contain vitamin a, maintain article, prevent and improve just appeared aging type pores;

3, in view of the special thick pore, advised to choose a medical beauty, but should choose to have regular medical qualifications of institutions.

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