sunset line you understand than pupil line more big eye!

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close to the eyelashes lenses line, get a big eye is true, but the hand shake star said building ah, now don't to worry about, because can obviously new:the beauty of big eye makeup tips"lenses line"out,"sunset line"rushing upper!fan bingbing, cecilia liu, dillon hot bar, li-ying zhao, tiffany tang, a great actress, recently so painting!a quick answer.

what is the"line"the setting sun?

let an eye look bigger and the screw, eyeliner can do it, eye shadow line more, but to hear"eye shadow"two words, a lot of girls certainly made difficult:besmear is bad will show super swollen eyes say, well, that's you daub is highly wrong!wants to make eye makeup as the big eye, at the same time do not show affectation melodramatic, do you want to look for the"line"the setting sun!

master eye makeup before sunset line, might as well let's look at the shape of the setting sun, the sun down to the horizon, there will be slightly yu guanglou beyond the horizon.remember what?we are more than women's latest makeup style

width slightly higher than the eye eye shadow plait 2 mm the location of the dotted lines(right).if we will crease as"horizon", dew outside the eye folds qingjian eye shadow like the corner setting sun above the horizon?actress with big eye gold line, thus the name"line"the setting sun.

is not only a double-fold eyelid, even folds actress, also deeply on"line"the setting sun long grass!look, liu eye shadow height is slightly higher than the eyelid(horizon) 2 mm!in that case,"line"the setting sun but do not pick nose all-around large gold line.

2 mm cannot change!significant big eye on the all digital

see here, you will ask, why the gold line value is 2 mm?it is bad to can't change the room?ahem it really have!professional makeup division ever do such a test:will the sun line 2 mm, with fully open hole 0 mm and 5 mm than great smoky bacon, results showed that only 2 mm is the most perfect numerical enlarge its eyes, and keep a do not believe you see

a lot of girls too lazy to apply eye shadow(left), is plain and neat but less than a little effect to enlarge the eyes;right eye slightly above the fold 2 mm of eye shadow is completely different, the setting sun is really"a slight coating the whole"the best interpretation.

has long been a smoky eye makeup(left), was once the girl think enlarge eyes.but this kind of above eye fold 5 mm of height, can't again affected either!shrunk to 5 mm to 2 mm(right), after the eye makeup look natural feels dye-in-the-wood, big eye to significantly.

how spirit is big eye"sunset line"?你还可以看看她们







一款新眼妆再美,没人愿意尝试也白搭!we can and the sun line up to the degree of popularity"word of mouth and fly together"!the actress, recently changed"the setting sun eye makeup"bandwagon, appearance levels into every minute!

cecilia liu, under the big eye without eyeliner!a ball at the sunset beauty makeup

always loved how clear light make-up cecilia liu miss"the setting sun eye makeup", compared with excessive emphasis on thick makeup, slightly dizzy catch the eye shadow let her eyes more attractive.

jiang thin film, the eyeliner te monotonous!with the setting sun line only beautiful

by eye makeup to decorate eye model are equally important, pick eyeliner good decoration on the river's thin film falling slightly eye type, shallow pink eye shadow another her eyes more charming.

lin yun, bye bye sootiness eye!hello girl force

with metal sootiness makeup lin yun(left), mean looks very fierce, on the face of the young vitality also waned.change the setting sun eye lin yun, before the appearance of bright and beautiful charming is spruce is more suitable for her young age.

victoria song, refused to dirty the dalai, eye makeup for light dalai

vitoria thick film of sootiness makeup look her age, mix into a group of eye makeup make eyes lack luster.

after the"sunset eye makeup", simple and beautiful lovely sweet makeup feeling can be rendered.


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