a few in the four wear a misunderstanding you?


boots are common as a winter shoes design, a lot of sister always choose it when dress collocation.because the boots besides joker divided skirts, still warm, even wear on any occasion there will be no sudden move.but the joker ankle boots are a minefield:the four mistakes must avoid


pants don't accept feet

this for a lot of girls, wide-legged pants match short boots, did not highlight the advantages of short boots.suggest girls so pay attention to when choosing a pants, can show a appropriately ankle.

tip:boots dress collocation when remember to roll up your trousers, wearing fashionable feeling empty.if afraid of forget trousers, had better choose a nine minutes of pants, this version to show thin, deserve to go up again the stocking ankle is not cold.

deformation of cultivate one's morality jeans is the most afraid of wearing it several times, especially in the position of the knee, the international standard of a+high elastic denim avoids this problem.

orange red very winter atmosphere, also super white.the color texture and sweater is strange, i can meet but not fit.


don't wear thick bottom short boots

the sole is also a rich variety of short boots, pointing to, thick with, flat, upset, and so on, can adapt to different height of girls, to increase the charm of personal values.but may be too thick soles and overall look is top-heavy, a"dirt", also can bring inconvenience in the process of walking, limped to easily.

tip:want to show high not bothered on shoes, small owners can choose a short coat and tall waist trousers collocation oh~

three color into the high waist jeans bi kind, version is a bit wide leg, curling up and wear really quite handsome, bai xing color, black, blue jeans, three colors are no use,

don't match their small what what of, really don't worry, with a little wedges little shoes!even if the tie-in sneakers are very good-looking!it particularly good-looking, top with a loose sweater outside tie-in coat, the trend is upon you!


mix too miscellaneous

mix building a style is very popular over the past two years, and mix well highlight fashion personality, allow themselves to be even more special.complicated but some small lord can choose a color of clothes, pants, etc., if the boots too bump color, can appear some grandiose or abrupt.

tip:small owners can when collocation, bottoms and boots the same color or color close, so the classical collocation, is almost won't go wrong, in the simple flowing from to see the beauty of the atmosphere.


waterproof high with fine

why wear so high short boots in the winter, walk tired, and torque.the waterproof high boots have been out, don't wear again.

boots to lean back into the unique modelling, the outline of rebellion and lines, and the natural personality ruffle the m fusion, restoring ancient ways will boot born without any difficulty, rebellious and uncompromising personality is released, this extraordinary money is no problem to suck eye oh.

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