star full of red carpet sorry state pattern wrestling?andy by that was embarrassing netizen: good fellowship

star red carpet will always appear all sorts of unexpected events, such as one of the most common is wrestling, especially female star, like to wear long skirt heels, accidentally stepped on the skirt horn just fell, embarrassed.

a lot of stars are ever on it accidentally fell down, the scene can't use awkward to describe.

and star just like to wear high heels, or not enough height, shoes to gather fan bingbing, although is in the actress is not short, but in order to let oneself more powerful aura, heels is necessary.

zhang huimei is needless to say, every time see her high heels are afraid of the next second will wrestling.

jolin tsai is one of the harness high-heeled shoes very flexible a actress, also is a person who have a dance language~

in addition, the same high-risk and models, route of even a single flat, cities, but met design ingenuity want to articles, in high heels that are also not immune.

this is really looking at ache ah~ once met a complicated terrain, really is the heart-pounding step by step...

so in general, wear high-heeled shoes, and sometimes even want to run up in high heels, that is the basic skills of female star...

however...there is a special case, that is our classmate andy.

next to attend the activities have to people with help to yishan zhang, it is a gold partner, also must hold the andy every time.

weibo last night, a yishan zhang is not enough, also nearby xiaotong guan holding, scene a bit.

the net friend said:andy even in the entertainment industry's most won't wear high heels~ but, than those who don't wear high heels also hard wearing and fall actress, andy is very wise.

but this premise is also a good fellowship~ like andy, each time with close friends yishan zhang beside"escort".

so actress if afraid of red carpet wrestling~ that you learn from andy, don't look for a person to hold the good!

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