wear these colors feel in love


near the holiday, assistant girls how are talking about the valentine's day these days, what to wear.a lot of people on a date when can choose pink girl feeling empty.the essence of fashion is no exception.▼

olivia wear pink, not only with the husband johannes huebl magazine cover photo also wear, her husband's eyes, gee~ ▼

marca dragon color has always been a fire over the past two years, in addition to the pink, powder blue and green also is very suitable for wear, powder, powder, tender and romantic and sweet.▼






but also divides a lot of kinds, pink isn't each appropriate for a date.like the bright pink and purple powder is catch a horse, don't recommend to wear upper body.▼

want to wear a pink top, the preferred low saturation of light pink.like gentle naked powder, sweet cherry blossoms are suitable for valentine's day to wear, how don't pick.▼

light pink with melting properties, with the cowboy sheet is tasted collocation, simple is very beautiful~ ▼

a lot of people will think pink coat to wear tacky, might as well add some neutral gray item transition, this one is a beautiful and tender atmosphere.▼

as for at ordinary times is not used to wear pink, but ready to try a classmate valentine's day, i suggest that you can be on the outside of the pink sheet is tasted, build a peacetime love to wear dark coat, handsome and beautiful.▼

want to wear a new pink, and red is a good match.bold classmates can like on the left, with large areas of red, pink sheet is tasted, hitting scene of conservative also can choose smaller red to adorn the pink.▼

fresh powder blue

powder blue is also very suitable for wear.it is not so tiannuo pink, but much a few minutes pure and fresh, a powder blue fairy goddess skirt can wear a van.▼

powder blue very joker, with different color combination, will wear a different feel.

powder blue with pink, the most romantic.

powder blue and pink two fold wear coats, sweet, fashionable index are high.below change the plain and neat inside take will look better.▼

a large area of a powder blue with pink and white, tender but not too sweet.▼

powder blue with red, the most dynamic.

feel whole body is too slow that light color fastens, might as well with a little red.blue shirt skirt many classmates have, dating can be in the neckline is a little red square, look too won't make public.no red scarves with red lip has a similar effect.▼

powder blue with white, the most relaxed.

this group of color matching are classic, pure and fresh bright eye, especially suitable for winter wear.inside the white+pink blue suit, whether it's a date or can wear to work.▼

powder blue with dark blue, the most intellectual.

taking intellectual line of classmate, try powder blue+blue fastens with color to wear.▼

this group of color also suits to add some white, look more softer, below the wearing to work, after work go directly to date is no problem~ ▼

dreamy pink green

powder green is a full of the breath of spring color, as long as a little bit, integral style will become pure and fresh and many.▼

and powder green looks very"delicious", always reminiscent of the mint flavors of ice cream, fragrance is startling, dating to color no problem.▼

compared with powder pink and blue, dream feels dye-in-the-wood powder green will be pick people wear, can try the following two kinds of color scheme:

are matched and pink in the first place.i would like to apply this kind of color to the home, both with a thick accent that restore ancient ways, and small and pure and fresh.▼

as to wear upper body effect, can also be quite fantastic, you see~ ▼

this year high set on valentino also with this group of color, elegant and full of sense of girl.▼

to be honest, this group of color is a little difficult to control, but to do an ornament, or a pretty good.

like dew is a pink coat powder, green silk or silk powder green suit, with a pink decorations are very delicate, elegant.▼

the second scheme is powder green+blue.these two colors together will have unexpected feeling restoring ancient ways, must wear men's ticket kua you good temperament,

jenny walton this completely like a way out from the old movie star.▼

if you love the wind restoring ancient ways, itself with a red beret is more bright eye, dating photographs, the most photogenic only you.▼

well, i want to say is these three color date, behind not liked watching~

in fact, not only look at the united states, the three color together is also very beautiful, thick love picture feel~ ▼

cherry powder+ocean blue+mint green, alone together, my name is kind of say a sweet, it is valentine's day exclusive color, whether to choose the color of gifts, or buy a date, she wears is very appropriate.

however, if the three large areas of color to wear in the body, difficulty coefficient is a little high.▼(her face)

want to wear the three dates, the best way is to choose a small accessories.

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