"guide" to teach you to spend less than block change handsome i that leads to a sister

when we know that many girls a little attention to dress, appearance levels increase a lot completely no problem.

director today want to say is that the boys are.

the chinese new year is coming soon, in order to attend society not to be despised, in order to let the town sit up and take notice!!!!!

how to quickly change your image, your appearance level.today of a crash course, taught you how to change the image, be handsome.

a man is not handsome, or ugly, nothing more than 1, the face is ugly, 2, hair ugly, 3, poor dress sense, 4, poor body, these four types.

so we first to suit the remedy to the case, the face is ugly it is difficult to change, that director is not going to say too much, it is innate, but for boys to keep the face clean is not too bad.

body also is same, no long-term exercise is unable to change, but can dress to adjust.

so we need to focus on two questions, 1, the hair is ugly.2, poor dress sense.

basic do this, your whole image where is not bad.

1, hair ugly how to solve?

a long you don't have the patience to see, so here head only recommend a hairstyle:

one of the most popular in recent years, the handsome boy all like the undercut.

undercut, namely all off, only to keep the hair.this very spirit, very fashion, the star tide of people like this hair style.

why do you say this kind of hair is suitable for all of the boys?

as shown in the above, the undercut there are a lot of kinds, corresponding to different face.

actually principle is very simple, if you face long hair put head compression.

if you round face small hair weight and increase head level, or leave a bit bang.

if you face, let the hair tip a little overhead.

this accordingly, actually very good solved various face problems, but also is fashionable stylish men.

(about contrast and undercut is much better)

how to do this?

on spectrum first have to find a hair stylist, you said to him, do you want to cut a retro oil head(say undercut are probably did not understand)

yes, above the nine kinds of hairstyle figure, show him, then let him pick a cut on your face.(or his be fond of according to you)

then, it's time to see the character, watch your hairdresser, how to play.(the last cut well, you ask stylist at ordinary times what to do, he will teach you)

and then, in the home, you only need a box of wax:

(don't put a link here, so that you said my advertising)

undercut is very good, don't fall in love with wax to natural dry can at ordinary times, fingers rub directly with wax is full, the hair pulled back to go, then make you want to money(play silly putty?and according to the diagram on the inside of that kind of modelling.

it is important to note that make model, don't get into one tuo tuo, take out texture.

well done hair, let's take a look at dress:

when it comes to dressing, for you will also hard to learn so many match, director of the direct recommend classic joker for you, you as long as a whole, so basic can't bad, you can cover your body as much as possible.

in general insurance, coat we choose joker"cowboy+white t-shirt"

jean jacket joker don't pick people, in addition to the classical design, very seasonal, if the weather is warm, inside take a small t-shirt, cold with a shirt or fleece is perfect.

of course, if you think it too cool and refreshing, can be in it again with a fleece, color, gray is good:

well, fix the upper body, let's look at the pants and shoes.

here we can be divided into two categories, 1, 2, leg thin leg thick(standard two)

if you leg is fine, so i recommend you so wear:

【 pencil pants+flat shoes 】

trousers belong to not too much meat on the leg of boy can hold live, overall version looking at very comfortable, with a leather or canvas shoes is very harmonious, early spring dress shopping, sister ensure charmed countless.

vans, shells, converse classic, or back, it is insurance choice, joker pressure~

if you leg is rough, so you just wear:

"beam foot overalls+running shoes"

this wear with no legs requirements, the boys can try, the key is to pay attention to the crotch pants, 50-50 split of boy is not suitable for choosing too hypertrophy of overalls.

well, here a down we calculate, hair cut 50 yuan rmb 30++wax jean jacket 40 yuan rmb 100-200+t-shirt+pants 100+shoes 100-100 yuan, the total does not exceed 600 pieces, but absolutely let you ascend a class.

(please note that this article is addressed to those who don't love dressing up at ordinary times don't wear a friend quick method, it is very will dress tide cafe friend don't ridicule)

-i am director of welcome attention-

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