small white shoes black shoes are popular color this year to a pair of pandas

comfortable and fashionable sneakers, this year also go on to buy!

however, the small white shoes and black shoes are popular, we wear what color?

bella and jin xiaomei shopping recently, cloudbust wore a pair of prada sneakers, black and white alternate with, a bit of shape.

this pair of shoes from prada, early spring series, deserve to go up in his striped socks, a bit of a japanese cartoon.

mother-in-law observed, the next popular sneakers, is likely to be such a pair of black and white"panda shoes"!

because the stars are to wear~

wang and the elf prince wearing at the airport...(wearing hermes and nike respectively.

liu tao and queer wu wear on the stage.(the latter is wearing christian louboutin.

not only occasion joker, and sexs!

ouyangnana wearing this pair of nike and off-white cooperation model...

the elder brother of the mars bruno mars in grammy performances also wear this time.

7 to 7, with great~

next, let's take a look at the panda shoes several major schools, should be able to be in one of them.

1, the wind restoring ancient ways:father panda shoes

heavy old-fashioned dad dad shoes sneakers is these two years of the most popular trend of sports shoes.

in the beginning, everyone was amazed to find, yang mi, yang yangdeng stars began to wear the cage!

in fact, the name"panda shoes", from the outset, cage, this pair of shoes is called out.

probably because, in addition to black and white color, modelling also like panda posture bulky.

the revival of the cage, dad as well as the return of the shoes.

watch hailey baldwin and tang yixin this pair of acne studios manhattan sneakers...

which can get early a few years, this kind of shoes, thick as a brick will also get the favour of young girls.

the next father panda shoes, i will be in black and white and dichromatic look, add a little red.

refer to this pair of big thermal balenciaga triple s.

black and white and red of dad's shoes, there are a lot of men.

stella mccartney series eclypse sneakers in the spring and summer, for example,$625;and next month to return to the nike speed turf max.

is not selling fila venom, brandblack aura ii, is also one of the way.

if you like, girls can wear male money!

bella to see dior couture show recently, wear men's latest is at his home.add a little yellow color in black and white and red, be praised fashionable.

add some other colors, can relaxed some?

3 month hair nike air max 270 new colors, and dualtone racer new color, is black+white+teal teal color.

on modelling, or louis vuitton has a breakthrough.

this year chun xia panda shoes, women's clothing series from dad turns into a female warrior in the future.

is as good men and women to wear.

this is will smith son jaden and actress laura harrier.chun xia recently made magazine covers, wore this series is a pair of white.

as for father panda shoes collocation, see wu lei brother demonstration contrast--

already have heavy shoes and trousers or+short just a piece of cultivate one's morality is better.

2, relaxed:stripes panda shoes

is one of the most common, white with black stripes, or black and white stripes.most adidas!

jin xiaomei and adriana lima wear is high to help restoring ancient ways, tie-in coat black white letters.

, by contrast, low help shoes with clothing, more easily to legs less demanding.

other brands also have stripes panda shoes!

such as reebok curved stripes, minka kelly, this pair of feet.

tretorn and-"v"shoes, looks very confusing.

and off-white stripes throughout the shoe.

3, modern:large area of joining together the panda shoes

bella before wearing this pair of black and white stitching shoe, everyone say good good-looking!(the back of the strangers is her father.

you can't buy, adi 2016 out of tubular defiant off white.

jin xiaomei, han and sofia richie all through.

and father panda shoes compared to such a large area of black and white stitching looks many modern.

in the next, more and more people began to wear black and white color piece patchwork sneakers.

(below from they new york.)

the elder brother of the potted the weeknd and hu, the double color piece joining together in a day, is the puma tsugi jun cubism.

kaia airport street snap, splicing panda love shoes.

this is adidas and alexander wang cooperation...

this is adidas y3 ayero primeknit&neoprene sneakers.

and above a pair of black shoe+(local) white sole, tie-in black pants.

next, such fashionable feeling panda shoes, you can also see a lot.

versace menswear collection of medusa sneakers in the spring and summer, able to bear or endure look simple type.

nike also give some classic, change the panda color appearance.

like this month sale nike air huarache drift new color, and the next 10 months to sell nike kd new color.

collocation, how will do.but with also is a large area of black and white clothes to wear, will feel a little bit too suitable color...

(ziwen wang and karlie kloss wore balenciaga and valentino.)

overall, i think the panda color shoes really good-looking!pleasing to the eye and pop can juggle.

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