the spring festival at home since you think dress tide were poking fun at the most serious one


every year there are 7 days in parents home combined do you say?

in just seven days, home to sleep to have lunch, not cleaning it doesn't matter.but this is hold in the palm of the honeymoon in 3, 4 days after the start of embarrassing, a week later will disappear.when i was young and old saw in the news broadcast"floating population", the word dad give me a example, is the hotel's work, this is the floating population.but, now is the floating population.when i was a child think of work must be in the hotel, the hotel, now found that most of the young people in the city to work is nothing but is working, is just a higher ranks.

after the acquisition of returning dress in big cities usually will be attacked by the parents, here also often have a iron rule, the more you spray"tide"would be more miserable, so you wear thousands of pieces of vetements fleece really could be their parents think that is a big yard sale goods.

in the concept of the parents of this generation, clothes must be new, is the kind of new and stiff feeling when rubbing.this case remember junior high school of time follow suit bought life the first hole in jeans, the second day wake up found grandma has been seriously hit a patch, and come with me 300 pieces of red envelopes.

home every time i see old man ripped jeans, i will be very lovingly said:"trousers broke all have no money, quick go home, outside part-time job can earn any money."

more unpopular in contrast is worth 3000 small dirty shoes.trying to put the small dirty shoes clean after failure, mom told me throw the shoes away directly, can't wear so dirty shoes and ordered to visit the old man home.

your$3000 small dirty shoes:

your parents eyes shoes:

the reason is:wear sloppy, like an adult?

for drift of the people, the word"return"than"success","successful"sounds are touching.and in the eyes of parents garment jin is the definition of"mature".home the one who is, won't ask how much money do you make a year, life ideal realized, it can see from your dress.

although cold to wear coats, home liu adhere to put on a little suit:

in this case a leadership once was also a wen-ching, move a cat, a box of books at ordinary times the canvas shoes to walk the world.he quietly reminded me that i must wear leather shoes, to a bright shine a few, or it will be fun dress like a student.

the hometown people don't understand the canvas shoes of literature and art, the parents don't understand your a pair of jordan how many feelings, also don't know how a coconut shoes sell like hot cakes, anyway is sports shoes with rubber soles, students to wear sneakers, so you worked a few years people also wear sports shoes, it's no wonder that more than 30 still single.

reading in white-collar workers should take your hands to the string of car key to come to work, go to work after just know have to carry a computer to run every day, double shoulder was convenient and durable to use.but every time your shoulders back home would have been swept over a meal, my mother

"for high school students?have how old, big one also ran back double shoulder."

this case loved to wear tooling boots in parents mouth has long been a"high boots,"said,"how do you also wear girls wear high boots, son don't understand you more and more aesthetic."

dad, on the left side of the tooling boots, the right is the high boots!

they even more don't understand, it is a large city in white-collar why want to get into this, looks not like a white collar.

our parents have a very the aesthetic system of curing, we heard the most two remark is"how to wear rascally", or"how old, still dressed like a student".careful analysis, the parents want is a neither naive and less prominent extremely mainstream style.

when i was a child of the partners in their hometown invariably find a job within the system, 30 years old, married and have children.when you are in big talk about life value and ideal when they are concerned about the diaper milk powder and house prices.sometimes really want to go home, but think about it, seems to be not to go back.

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