yang has been already saved fan bingbing finally released her hair amount exceeds the number of secret!

recently, fan bingbing in some sea, opened an account on the app, share with you his own special beauty makeup tips.she painted what wipe lipstick what foundation i really don't care, after all, the somebody else look good without makeup, it doesn't matter what kind of cosmetics.

but her hair!really shocked me!!!!!!!a head of curly dark dense with seaweed, afraid to let how much postpartum hair loss of female star envy envy hate yo.

15 had also lamented,"ice ice's hair i've ever seen most people".when two people clap"wu mei niang legend", fan bingbing, hair to more tangled, with big black cattle solution solution doesn't open for a long time.when two people just alternate goodwill.

next to listen to sing a song of the story is particularly sensitive, immediately loudly said 1,"from now on you will be in"

guo filming the"jue mark", the whole has to do with cg special effects film, to burn money badly.but he said in an interview, the most money is fan bingbing, hair...

"a lot of characters in the movie the hair are all pieces of the poster, and ice ice head is about more than 9000 guide curve, the more than four hundred thousand hair.multiply numbers will increase the number of rendering, so when we are in the treatment of the fan bingbing, hair is really very painful."

mama ah, what concept are 400000 hairs!normal person usually has 100000 hairs.in contrast, yang mi really is more save money.it's no wonder that"jue mark"guo can't starred with fan bingbing, ha ha ha.

fan bingbing's why so many hair, has always been a mystery.

is genetic, fan bingbing's brother fan chengcheng hair look but not very much, and the hair does not seem to be good fan bingbing,

is made, yao fan bingbing also like other actresses often wash ironing cut dye, three in the morning every day to sleep.peers are entered into hair loss of buddha is a middle-aged, fan bingbing is still a girl of thick black hair.

look at her recent po himself to do the video of the hair, mama ah that a lot of hair can hide under a high heels.

generally female star to plunge into a round head, is such a small chirp

fan bingbing, round head, oh no, it doesn't call round head, a top three, in fact is the steamed stuffed bun head

had also netizens doubted, fan bingbing is wearing a hair, let a hair look so thick.but the fan bingbing in the dressing room of trivia, her hair is really so much from the start!

mystery, fan bingbing's hair is a net friend said repeatedly for many years, no crack.until recently, she finally released her hair care tips.this could be the longest ice ice ever pronounced content, it seems really at ordinary times is carefully take care of her hair.

several white long is to sum up, fan bingbing will be made from coconut oil film, and then apply all day on his head, wash away until you go to sleep at night.

a year apply 700 mask was certainly not cover, fan bingbing, even hair can apply face film.

small s in weibo also boasts about his two days before shampoo, hair soft luster.don't is because the mystery like coconut oil?

supermodel miranda kerr was a faithful follower of coconut oil.she said she like the use of coconut oil in daily care, every day to eat 4 tablespoons of coconut oil can also lose weight.

of course, coconut oil and apply face film is the same, is a metaphysics, presumably, means to be saved.keep hair amount is actually, the ultimate secret of the young, have fewer children, ha ha ha ha.

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