blue surplus jade-like stone hit unlined upper garment of a red skirt sweet scene did not lose!net friend: she was the stylist pit miserably!

the old huan brigitte, although acting is good, but has been tepid, appear in front of the cameras, always give a person a kind of"dorky"feeling.since took part in a variety show, seemed to"all", not only sentiment improved and even clothing products began to soar!

niuniu could not help but suspect that star is known, stylist more keen?

blue surplus jade-like stone is to attend the activities like this before ▼

although is after 90, but look at fully aged 10 color is not very good yet~

or is it ▼

strapless sequined jacket with super wide white pants, although collocation is not bad, but it really doesn't suit her.especially this hairstyle, strange old.

however, the now famous blue surplus jade-like stone, after the popularity soared, clothing products is soaring!every appearance girl is full of rocks~

black condole belt leather coat collocation loose wide-legged jeans, stamped on the black high heels.this hair style is a lot of fashion.the overall wear a fashionable girl feeling full again.

black and white stitching the falbala of dress, tie-in pink bowknot heels, she tied up the balls first, more show young girl.a little smile, can sprout feel elder sister ah~

garment products soared after blue surplus jade-like stone, even bump unlined upper garment"bai fu beauty"scene sweet, is a cinch!two people to wear red skirt wave point, a young girl feels dye-in-the-wood, a stylist pit miserably!netizens call:she was the stylist pit miserably!

after the scene sweet to attend the event, wearing a red skirt wave point, with the design of the chest, perfect show sweet scene"swan neck", highlight the temperament of her"bai fu beauty".already skin white and beautiful scene sweet color skirt lining of her like a"skin coagulate fat".

and the design of the waist umbrella skirt, very prominent girth.but this kind of beautiful modelling is sweet scene this hairstyle pit.feel the feeling of elder sister first sight is like the head of the"buddha"type~ this hairstyle, big sweet"forehead", to express the feeling of ten years old~

well, recent photo, more hair disheveled like weeds, it's a waste of a large, sweet, beautiful modelling, wasted a so high level of appearance!

it's no wonder that the net friend call:sweet scene be stylist pit is terrible!!!

and recently attended the activities of the blue surplus jade-like stone also wore a red dot skirt, so two people so delicious bump unlined upper garment from a distance!

blue surplus jade-like stone red dot skirt, is a v-neck, the design of the bowknot between the waist, adds more young girl.when the sky blue surplus jade-like stone's hairstyle is very sense of everybody knows, blue surplus jade-like stone on the forehead is bigger, so, with this kind of broken bang obscure forehead very young girl.

the same umbrella skirt waist design, good figure is highlighted blue surplus jade-like problem is the embodiment of the fashion queen!blue surplus jade-like stone that bob is very popular this year but the"girl"?compared with the scene sweet"buddha head"also really is victory!scene sweet also is stylist pit really miserable!

blue surplus jade-like stone hit unlined upper garment of sweet scene, no lose, a young girl feels dye-in-the-wood, a hairstylist pit miserably!the net friend call:she was the stylist pit miserably!

who do you think is more beautiful?comments section told niuniu~

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