former king sister-in-law with photo frame lin le jier netizen: this is not a packet


has been very bullish on lin, is tall, has a good figure, and he was determined to marry aaron's a pity that the later failed to you together, now are married, also is complete!

lin's appearance is very atmosphere, no comments.dressing is sedate, feel the atmosphere of the black dress to wear every time.

lin with guo pop courtship eight years is a whimper, although love is not equal to idea, but lin dress is favoured by the fashion media without guo pop guardian, lin in the fashion circle has its own story.

is the dress design, the sense that gives a person is like on stilts.

or the black dress is more suitable for her, elegant atmosphere, a word shoulder little sexy.

a bright yellow dress is beautiful and moving, inclined shoulder falbala design is very clever, the whole person through the atmosphere of elegance.

a sweater and jeans item choice is very good, small gift.clothes are design elements color clean together.

and the other one is the real"king sister-in-law", le jier with dawn a period of four years of marriage, although finally we divorce.

le jier is notoriously dare for them, bold admits breast implants will become hong kong's first openly breast augmentation model, the better dress the better shape.

although show the figure is good, but really a son over the flavor, show the petty.

this dress suit to the little girl, le jier slightly fat, don't wear a nice feeling.

le jier wear black dress, but the figure show bloated.

and lin is also some wear the black dress, two people group photo will be how to spark?

stood together, le jier is a fat lot of ah, lynn appear more elegant atmosphere.who do you think is good fashion?

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