li xiaolu after the restart completely unaffected take large resources is getting better and better!

li xiaolu and pg one news but busy recently broke down all the netizens, but with smile a long weibo recently, everyone also understand something, something is better left to their own to solve.

as once thought to be the incident caused no small impact on li xiaolu career, li xiaolu to some fashion magazine photograph of a group of fashion shoot out, cause not only have not been affected, but there is more and more prosperous momentum!

li xiaolu, wearing a plaid suit, gray color there is the collocation of style, inside take a white printed t-shirts, deserve to go up again a jin sibian glasses, have a kind of sen is a handsome style.

to tell the truth.although li xiaolu's height is not high, but the proportion is very good, so the handle of this style of clothes, completely is not a problem.

five white sleeve chiffon dress with black dress, black and white and the collocation of color is simple and the atmosphere, chiffon woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood, the cuff, falbala design is become.

blue silk material printed dresses with retro feeling, plus a cloth short black coat and black boots photograph echo, not only has the cool feeling, and balances the dress too fair maiden temperament, reminiscent of only one word:handsome queens.

black velvet dress with a brown plaid blazer, grew up just the right skirt beautiful leg, gleaming waist sealing to improve lumbar line and show thin, with a focus on the echo of the color of the coat and boots collocation is very perfect.

a little air fragrance suit very explicit figure, casual style collocation a low firm can easily create a fashionable lasting appeal.

light blue stitching tops joining together plaid skirt, big show good figure brief paragraph coat, the flower of the waist belt ornament, let the whole body is tie-in had a leisure vacation, very nice.

careful netizens can certainly find, however, recently, li xiaolu abandoned sgirl style to hip hop that fit each time at nearly all of this style:

and after the incident, li xiaolu and decisively abandoned the hip-hop style, to personality, fashion style, the estimate is the one to let go of the past, start again.

anyway, still hope things can be perfect resolved, little sweet jasmine can grow up happy!

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