the most beautiful color is woman wear good-looking!


may you sometimes will have such a doubt, choose what color can let a woman become amorous feelings?after a long time of observation and summary, small make up to introduce the four colors make you beautiful suffocation.


red, first of all, from the vision will give a person a kind of happiness feeling, strong visual impact feeling, this is a very quick can let you become the focus of the color, it will more let a person is very difficult to the line of sight away from you.

if you think red can only highlight elegant, it would be too one-sided, bright red suit will make you look handsome, tie-in and same red high-heeled shoes, is undoubtedly a good way to increase your aura value.will you whiten skin red foil of white light.

red west clothing can also match the black and gray bag hip skirt, the red is the ancient times classical collocation, gray is suck.such collocation makes you both handsome and sexy.

a red dress dress, can make you look like a red beautiful dress is fan bingbing fan bingbing's favourite, will make her look not lack the aura, and young girl feels is kill two birds with one stone.

look2:eggplant purple

eggplant purple in our daily life compared with some conventional color is extremely rare, set up but it can also make you beautiful.

eggplant purple dress first of all, don't like red from the vision will have a strong sense of shock, but its appeal to the eye is the gradual influences subtly, seemingly low-key but powerful the same time slants brunet dress for shape modification has very good effect.

if you choose the chest and arms above hollow out elements of eggplant purple dress, will make you look like a fairy just descent from heaven to earth, dust, beautiful and moving.

paragraph dust coat grows in tomato purple or with a shawl, can let you to achieve the effect of the aura fully open.

look3:malachite green

malachite green is the color of blue and green, both the sense of pure green, and blue empty inspiration, perfect the favour of many people, in daily life, choose the colour of the national people's congress for shoes and some more accessories, actually choose the color of the clothes are very beautiful, oh.

in the first place can choose the peacock green dust coat, coat the choice of style to a certain extent determines the integral collocation of style, of malachite green choice makes the style of the dress to elegant atmosphere, dust is dye-in-the-wood.

whether it is a long sleeve dress or a short paragraph, a word shoulder or inclined outfit that show a shoulder, can achieve the result of foil color collocation of malachite green color, and malachite green is your shiny elements in more dazzling.

look4:soft rosy

soft red powder is also referred to as the girl, listening to the name girl heart full of light, whether clothes or shoes will be the girls chase after hold in both hands.

recently, mei soft pink dress and shirt is gradually popular, no matter how collocation makes people full of vigor, young girl feels empty, this color no truth to the fire.

will wear this color into the star of the textbooks must belong to tang, tang with a small delicate face, the color of the skirt can girls heart, full vitality, the beautiful and sexy.

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