long coat so cm to wear good-looking!

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no matter how fashionable change, a good texture and classic coat is absolutely worth the investment.

discount season approaching, we can consider to buy a good coat would reward yourself~ however you really choose coat?today to look small make up recommend!

a font coat

a word appearing in the coat in japanese coat more characteristic is no waist design, with conspicuous, a little cute and restore ancient ways.

but this coat narrow width, so not suitable for upper body plump or big chest, shoulder width baby;in addition, what big pp, thick legs, waist baby can feel free to choose a font coat!

of course~ little sister will choose brief paragraph than long look good oh~

o coat

o coat(cocoon coat) has been very popular, is also usually say that the oversize coat and its outline fruity, line is clear, crisp version type, overall and distinguishing feature very much.

but it would like for the little child"steal wear adult clothes", though it is, but it's hard to wear.

and type o coat looks can cover the meat, waist and xiaodu belly is what all not afraid, but it also need your shoulder line beauty(no shoulder, shoulder is not wide, leg also fine!

is in love, don't want to wear it, choose a short paragraph and profile would be better not too exaggerated, but inside take different color and coat will more show thin.

h coat

straight coat is the most don't pick people, and increased show thin effect first-class, height or size can wear.

but fat younger sister and hobbits wear best to open the coat to wear, and to show example, tall and not choose around knee around it.

but, not being tall baby don't try to h+wide-legged pants coat collocation oh~ is cultivate one's morality pants will be friendly to you!

x coat

compared with neutral and type a lovely h, x coat is synonymous with feminine, it has obvious tall waist line, is particularly friendly to show high model.

x coat without belt, is essentially the button up when the dress to wear, so look more formal, modesty, have feminine taste.

if you don't look good wearing x, then it may be because your waist fine enough, then with a belt will be better.(show thin waist belt is better than thick belt!

tips:tied a font coat belt can also make x coat oh~

what to pay attention to detail?

1, the collar of my coat

if your face is bigger, the neck is not fine, so it is best not to choose round collar, slender v-neck, can let a face can appear smaller on the vision, the neck is longer.

lapel of choice is to have cultured, can appear too wide collar upper body is fat;chest big fairy don't choose a big coat lapels, will increase the volume of the upper part of the

collar option is less than two-thirds of the shoulder width design, high effect best, design also is not easy to old.

2, pay attention to the button

choose coat must pay attention to the button, because it is in the tall waist line or on the low waist line, on the vision determines the high explicit or short you are!

and buttons also should pay attention to the distance, is simply the button near the more, the more you long and narrow.

3, length of coat

basically no matter what kind of coat, the height is short, but the warmth retention property have sent a lot.

in a long coat is more than the length of the legs two-thirds to knee down 5 cm, this kind of coat got-up figure more and more to keep warm, ok, block holds off too wide hips and thighs.

long coat to show high, the preferred h!as long as not big lapel collar, it will be very high, because of its visual stretched version which is able to put the whole people.

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