zhou in more than ten thousand men down jacket is like spring the fresh netizen: this wave of endorsement i take


hello, good friends!

zhou must be grew up eating more than cute, otherwise how can be so cute?skin, clothing products, and lean into a bolt of lightning, it's really hard to not like her.

recently, zhou appeared in the airport, from hangzhou xiaoshan airport to fly to beijing capital airport.she wore a black male money this down jacket, with very little woman bowknot shirt+black trousers, and warm to wear a simple fashion, is definitely wear take a sample of the airport show.and small cute what to wear good-looking, this male money down a lot of netizens are grass.some netizens said so:i suit this endorsement of a wave.

zhou wearing the black jacket is burberry men, cost about ten thousand more.generally girls wear male money, there will be a child stealing adult clothes feeling, however, petite zhou put on this kind of oversize male money down jacket is appropriate, in the words of the net friend:as if see the freshness of spring in winter.is a very impressive indeed.and she wore so wide massiness down jacket is so thin, it how thin?

down jacket, zhou wore a mint blue silk shirt, the shirt is also home to burberry.satin material should be very smooth and comfortable, bowknot collar design is also very feminine flavour.men's shirt that down jacket woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood collocation, incredibly can also be so harmonious, once again by accident.

a black slacks and collocation, the legs is thinner than my arm, is really envy the dead.wearing a pair of black thick ugg boots, in general the shoes with fashion, but perhaps zhou wearing is very good ah, is really good rare.the net friend also praised said:this a good look, seek common model.

is the most irritating, her skin is so good, can be said to be the only star make-up and no difference.messing up is lovely, some netizens said:i want to take home as pets.

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