shave baldheaded jingers ming ming is a fashionable makeup of pure love!

in the photo jingers with profuse small plait, bold exaggeration of the cheek is red face painted color with eye shadow, even the nose are not immune to become red, whimsy, reiki is dye-in-the-wood.look, it seems that jingers honeydew of fashionable feeling, since i was a child playing out early styel!

it is well known that jingers, zhou and sandra is three people in the entertainment industry one of the few slay"in love"trio, so a see in the picture, the appearance of the three little girls mischievous, actually also is a bit similar style!






jingers long period and now totally changed, have not too much of a recognizable, neotenous young girl, brimming with vigour.

about puberty, jingers and a micro fat period, black long hair is somewhat depressing, cowboy clothing wind also appears too loose strapping.

zhou ever doujing virgins without photo, po at first didn't recognize.dense color eye makeup and strapless dress, high heels, there is a feeling of"non-mainstream"namely regards.

after the hair cut short, individual character is dye-in-the-wood.young is the capital, even without makeup, still looks so energetic, just a head fleeciness small curly let her instantly turns into a tomboy!

of course, today's tong tong already fashionable fly up, completely go another route, tapping gas dye-in-the-wood no wonder she has numerous seduction!

daily prefer neutral style, shirts, suits, jackets, how handsome how come!

shoot large more aura fully open!sexy small sootiness easily navigate, emphasizing the eye makeup will soften lip color, natural nude lips the joker.her body has a unique temperament, no matter how exaggerated, completely not acosmia.boy short hair+random wind bang, such a cool girl do you like?

left the stage back to daily, wuli tong tong or like the real natural makeup feeling, draw a bottom a eyebrows, put on a simple white t-shirt, whole person neat and clean, have such jingers handsome to you?

hair color also played 666, those daily look too eye-catching hair light color fastens, jingers all like to try.

yellow t-shirt with the pink hair the color of the collision, sparks burst out of the different fashion, maverick character of small tattoos, points minutes to capture the seduction heart!

interesting soul can't be content to all stand still.jingers road has been in a constantly changing fashion forward, recently more boldly with his image.

would face small facial features delicate she, because modelling boldly is more remarkable, is now popular"buddha is a girl"?!

maybe you are fashionable feeling on the road, you may have found the right positioning, all in all, young and bold to try to find the most beautiful!

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