drooping face wrinkled not repair the figure is very old!feihong yu frozen age myths on finishing all figure?

recently, a net friend sent a group of feihong yu did not figure, exclamation feihong yu did not fix the figure looked a little older.

let's take a look at her without modification.does our mind and ice age myth feihong yu have a difference.

flabby skin, eye bags and wrinkles, sagging and other issues, all seems to be a fast 50 state of skin, called the"goddess"frozen age.but still very outstanding.

not figure and fine trim figure out is very big also, refinement figure temperament, delicate skin, and basic didn't look bad when i was young.(however, this is not a domestic finishing with disease?both in 20 and 60 years old, is the whitening skin, not wrinkled.)

the net friend issued the said, because the last two years the media to 47, feihong yu's title is"goddess"frozen age.

when she appeared, there will be a big wave netizen plaint temperament is very good, the maintenance is very good.

refinement is delicate, have aura, delicate no wrinkles on the face, but did not fix the figure is now exposed the"goddess"frozen age slack face sagging, wrinkles and other issues, are feihong yu of the"myth"frozen age really on finishing all figure?

actually also is not all, feihong yu age also is nearly 50, with no medical beauty support, it is a good maintenance outweighs all gravity, feihong yu such state than the average man has is good.

second, there are blessings of old face, not suitable for large expression!as long as the expression of convergence, don't laugh too much, in addition to a small fine lines, eye skin on the face, not edited state still look very good.

there are age blessings, do big expression is very easy to exposed skin age, including 30+power power.

as long as the light is proper, without finishing, still can call fast 50 feihong yu"goddess"frozen age.so, on a group of old pictures, the light also want to back a big pot!

including daily airport without modification feihong yu state is also very good.

this is why we see her studio finishing figure expression are very consistently converges, smiled~ in addition to large expression easy exposure age, repairing figure division of work also can become big!

old is a state of nature, natural wrinkles or excessive than the day after tomorrow the stiffness of the medical beauty brought to us a lot!

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