yu wenle wang yu-yun | until you can meet you at the right time!

december 5, yu wenle posted a wedding photo on the social network, announcing the wedding.

full text:

at the right time, meet the right person, thank god for the best of you in the best of times, thank you for the emergence of let my world is full of positive energy, full of joy, full of laughter, thank you let my world become pure simple happiness, in the 12 months you make great changes have taken place in my life, thank you for your trust, and also thank you for the rest of the life days in my hand, i will bring happiness to you, i will care for you

it's really a shock o sister, shawn yue began seeing wang tangyun from the end of 2016, in february this year admit a relationship, is publicly for the first time since his debut to recognize love, to review, sixth uncle and his girlfriend love moment!

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/pthe big car"

contact affection, so sweet!

wang tangyun in ig drying out the pictures of the movies with friends, post said they watch the new movie shawn yue"spring jiao save chi ming":"we saw a good film!good man, great man!and yu wenle also replied:"i know."it's so sweet to pass the air.

just after twelve o 'clock, wang tangyun will bask in the photos, the rose bouquet of pink with dark red roses, dark like the black rose.


there are all kinds of affection from a distance, the o sister ate the dog food!

do you have any similar, oj elder sister looks very much like anyway.

common wang tangyun will bask in some photos of meimei

by the way, a mouth, wang tangyun father is wang yurou, chairman of taiwan's asian american group in china, called"belt king", so wang tangyun is known as the"million model"in taiwan.

began seeing wang tangyun earlier shawn yue from the end of 2016, publicly for the first time since his debut to recognize love, to the outside world wonder if deemed to each other.he responded in march 2017:"i am 35 years old, and i have nothing to say."in april to attend the event also revealed"will live together", apparently with his girlfriend, development and stability, have never thought to a sudden attack, let o sister unprepared, but o sister or wish them happiness sweet oh!

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