chen zhipeng concert modelling is a bit handsome?more photogenic than his red heels!

> recently, chen zhipeng, a member of the former tiger team, quickly attracted many netizens' attention with his exaggerated appearance.

a jiguanzi shaking up the yellow coat coat, a pair of hot pants leg, the last is the standard of long socks and flip-flops.

i think this one is good, for he really did not how out of line, after all, there have been such a shape:

perspective vest++karma dragon color fur tight leather pants, carrying a dog bag modelling, the appearance will attract the attention of house someone!

it's scare me!he's wearing this kind of perspective underwear?

but this dress is also need to pay attention to:accidentally to expose the little stomach beside yo~

to now still can't forget is the modelling of when his new song list in asia, head forgive color green grassland, dressed in a sexy dress, a turn round and then will expose the thick curve of the back!

although today, only julian chen played three people insist to do down the music, but the shame of his mv degrees, is really extraordinary!!!!!

some regrets say:had also think, thai is handsome then he looks at that time, after all, brother and leslie cheung have something!oh, i can't bear it!at this moment there is only one song"buried alive"can express my heart!

today he finally netizens mood.according to his formative reason, tweeting hinted that he did it all for the net friend.

after the post, did not think of this time is in most people's support and encouragement, and of course including the voice of a lot of questions, but the most strange is the netizens' focus is not on the misery of julian chen, but the post twice in the use of the word"i".some people say, where did the northeast accent come from?still others say, not only is the clothes changed, not even the taiwan cavity has changed?

this field concert, visual impact is quite big!but it's hard to get a good look on his face:the red heels, the naked body heat and the fat.but again i have refreshed my visual limit!

julian chen, the replacement of a variety of hair at the concert is also a spell, i also really a little worried about him so frequent replacement of hair color can have an impact on health~

but for julian chen, the one who like dew is a figure, netizen collective ridicule:trouble can reduce fat, ok?

small make up actually is also that, in the middle of my life for a monster for a blessing, across the screen, i can feel middle-aged uncle fat greasy feeling~ not pocket of julian chen flesh, as long as one to spotlight can betray oneself!

is not to say that 'weight loss similar to plastic?maybe we can lose a weight, uncle chen will also be able to hold such an exaggerated form!you say it's not?


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