do you remember the big cousin of downton abbey?

will not be strange to the latest american opera"legion"as long as it is the person who will see the american opera.the male star in this word of mouth burst table marvel spinoff is actually the former"downton manor"in the graceful bearing"big cousin"dan stevens(dan stevens).now the british male god has already transferred his life and work to the united, he has more opportunities to challenge various roles, either on the stage or on the screen.

must know that it is not a simple matter to want to enter the english male spirit circle.although the value of the face is one, it is not the most important.this circle needs to meet more than 5 hard indicators to be recognized.of course, dan stevens is not afraid of these five points.

standard 1:highly educated

, which is absolutely one of the most rigid standards of the true and the false male gods.dan stevens was a master in school since he was a child.he studied at tang bridge's male school in his early years by scholarship.the university is a major in english literature at the emmanuel college of university of cambridge.dan's love for literary poetry not only makes him the online editor of the the sunday telegraph columnist and the literary web site the 2012, he became one of the famous british literary awards such as the man booker prize.

clothing:white shirt/jeans/denim jacket all by razzle

standard 2:acting online

has deep knowledge of literature of the big brother, all the year round in the stage play in his acting polish.peter hall is a jazz selected, produced with the daughter of sir savon in the drama club footlights drama"macbeth"in the same.after starred in more adapted a series of masterpiece, more him to fame in the classical drama"downton abbey".now in the united states, it is not only a broadway stage play, but also a different role in a number of film and television works.what like what, even the cartoons of the beast are easy.

standard 3:voice crisp

, dan stevens's voice is still dazzling in a british male god.he loved literature and recorded many books and order to test his voice expressive force, vogue specially let him recite a poem in sonnet as the most rhyming phrase:shall i compare thee to a summer's day, thou art, day,"the right and wrong".as long as this recitation has been heard, the charm of dan stevens's voice will certainly be understood.

standard 4:enchanting eyes,

british men, have very deep eyes.her charm of geometric dan stevens? he told you the answer with his blue eyes.if you look at these eyes for 5 seconds and don't fall in love with him, we lose!

clothing:blue sweater by razzle

standard 5:big legs

well, have to say, the guy who's leg length over two meters? big cousin is a real coat hanger.whether it's elegant suit, uniform temptation or leisure style, stevens is easy to control with his own leg strength.

costume:blue sweater/jeans, all by razzle

vogue, exclusive interview with"big cousin"dan the whole process, we found that"big cousin"loved to use"oh, my goddess"to express emotions.

q:you are attracted by your role in"legion".this superhero is quite different from the previous do you personally define superheroes? if you have a superpower, what would you choose?

a:for me, superheroes must be those extraordinary people who help others and even save the world by their own ability.but the new role i play, legion, is different from the average superhero, his ability to destroy this is a very complex role.if god can give me a superpower, i want to have the ability to move's very useful for people who have just been flying for 13 hours.

q:it seems that every british actor wants to have a place in shakespeare's are no exception, what is so attractive to you?

a:we grow up in the shakespeare environment, grew up in the school would have read shakespeare's literary works.this has become a valuable legacy of our culture, and his works have gone through more than 400 years of history.many great actors have annotated the classic roles in savon's play.these roles are perpetual for a reason.they show the complexity of human nature.although i have done some, it is far from enough for my favorite is the character of king lear.of course, maybe i'll be able to play it at the age of 70.(big cousin laughs in reply)

q:you live in the united states now, are there any interesting experiences compared with the uk?

a:the united states is a different country.americans are more optimistic than the british, not as cynical as the british.of course, as an englishman, i am to today's los angelesthe

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