zhao liying also has second kill yang power?naiza was a big loser in the fight for the limelight

we will meet again at the end of the year, and the fashion activities will start again.can see all kinds of female star same stage big pk's"pomp"!think about it!

:if this female star is on the same stage, there will always be people who are happy and worried, like this one!

last night yang appeared in a certain activity, yang mi recently have been busy filming rarely appeared in public, even the airport show all have no, this is the rhythm of the amazing people!yang power wears a black gold color vision dress, the black interior is a thin gauze skirt with gold lines, it looks very linear!

yang's perspective dress from gucci 2018 early spring series, gleaming gauze is a little more sexy, black color and very grab an eye, feet with a pair of stars high-heeled shoes, wearing a very nice!

all sorts of modelling of yang mi recently cute girl don't walk before the wind, more and more mature royal elder sister, this model can reveal the also is very effort, yang mi rarely wear the perspective element,

but, but, the modelling of pressure to the thought ability, have never thought the way a fan bingbing!

no beauty sexy who can win a fan bingbing!and coincidentally fan bingbing also wore a dress of perspective, and there is no nude inside the fan bingbing this dress collocation in build, looks more visual wallop, gauze skirt perspective the above line is also more stereo, look special light, there is a little fairy girlies~

although fan bingbing wearing a terrible thick shoes, but look at the silver shoes and skirt color is set for the sake of calculate, whole person a look from the side and exquisite, it is amazing!

fan bingbing perspective dress is iris van herpen 2017 autumn and winter haute couture, fan bingbing wearing high set out, can't win!and fan bingbing also very bold, this skirt collocation of nude inside take also choose deep v, gleaming special sexy~

contrast to fan bingbing perspective dress more elegant, more boldly, than yang mi low-key black gold more arresting people eyeball, while yang mi wearing gucci, but is fan bingbing wearing high set!

line appeared and beauty gulina, she now is more and more beautiful, also good, is not only a person wearing gulina he wore a big pink skirt, special grand, she tied it from mikael d haute couture, is also a high set seems to compete and fan bingbing!

she is really beautiful, and the dress upper body is a delicate lace embroidery with laminated pink dress, special princess that fit looks gorgeous, but her firm always beauty let a person have a lot of distance...and it was a little too big for the occasion last night...

and na because just pick up the hair, and wear very gorgeous whole person just like dummy action inconvenience, so gulina firm became the only one in the modelling of two sets of female star!

a stunning enough to two sets, the second set of modelling from fendi 2018 chun xia series, the design is pure and fresh atmosphere of nude grid, the design of tall waist line is special long legs!pair with a pair of velvet high heels, not only the color and the waistband echo, but also looks particularly advanced!

than to attend the oscars red carpet of the first set of dress, the dress of this fendi is more suitable for her, but her beauty to beauty, but a second model appear later, when she played, belated li-ying zhao appeared, the limelight all directly to take!

li-ying zhao play, can be said to be the finale last night yingbao wore a white dress, delicate clipping especially good, li-ying zhao's body draws the outline of a line feeling, in combination with delicate dish hair, elegant and beautiful!

li-ying zhao the dress from couturissiom, wear special beauty, but not haute couture dress on the back of the design is also very chic, is a large ruffled backless type design, behind looks like a bow again small wings, especially beautiful~

li-ying zhao also became the goddess of screaming last night, wearing the crown don't know whether i prepared, crown and dress up is perfect, especially a goddess that fit our yingbao really is more and more beautiful more and more good!

well, see so much, last night four goddess from pk is such!