are you guilty of the two most common mistakes in mechanical watches?

there are three types of wristwatches in the world:mechanical watches, quartz watches, and smart watches, where mechanical watches are undoubtedly the highest of pretend bility.many people are in contact with wristwatches, are interested in watches, and have the economic ability to buy watches.mechanical watches are often the final choice.however, many people fail to understand the error and waterproof depth of mechanical we are going to talk to you about these two questions.

when error

first we start walking error, because i can still remember an event last year:three thieves steal the apple mobile phone, wallet, there is a value of more than 140 patek philippe watches, the police caught the discovery after three people will only stolen that apple mobile phones sold at 1000 yuan price, but that watch but stays put.why?the thief replied,"it's a bad watch.time is not worth it.isn't that funny?but i remember wanting to laugh and not laughing, because in fact, this misconception is not a minority.quite a few people feel that they can't be completely accurate when they spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of expensive's not a good watch, and money isn't worth it.

because of paying too much, so expect too much, i completely understand.but it's more because you don't understand that it's normal to not understand the error of the mechanical watch.general mechanical watch, plus or minus 30 seconds/day is normally normal.even rolex, known for its precision, can't control the error for 2-3 seconds.even for the famous c.o.s.c.mechanical watch, the error of-4/+6 seconds per day can be called"accuracy".if the one-second error is too much to bear, you can only select quartz watches, and the quartz watch day is minus 0.5 seconds/day.

and the walking principle of quartz watches, mechanical watches is the use of the balance wheel balance spring of mechanical oscillators as time base, watch the precision mainly depends on the stability of the watch-balance enhances the balance spring shock cycle.a mechanical watch is a delicate instrument with hundreds of elements, many of which can affect it.for example, the degree of tightness, temperature change, magnetic field, violent shock and so on will affect the precision of mechanical watch.moreover, the error and price of mechanical watches are not negatively correlated, but determined according to the the same time, the wearing environment, the habit and so on will also have a certain effect on the error of the mechanical watch.


now watch can do most of the 30 meters waterproof, but many don't understand the table friends tend to be the wrong understanding of the so-called"30 meters waterproof", really think watches are no problem within 30 meters of water.but in fact, we know that the 30-meter waterproofing is just"the pressure to be able to withstand water at depths of 30 meters".what can 30-50 meters of water proof do?can resist a small amount of hand wash wash face splash water and still have the rain that falls when small rain, but can time all but long.some people would say that the businessman's so-called"30 meters waterproof"isn't cheating?

words can't say that, no one brand in the world can watch each mass production experience to the actual depth of 30 meters, 50 meters depth test, because it is not realistic.but it is necessary to quantify waterproof watch in the process of production, so water pressure test is introduced.for example, 30 meters of water is really the pressure of 30 meters of water column, which is 3 bar.why is it that a watch can withstand stress when tested?there are two objective reasons:one is that the time of the factory test is too short and the difficulty is too low.according to the standard, a waterproof watch can only be tested on the pressurized machine for 12 minutes.the second is that the factory test is a static test which is simulated.the actual use is dynamic, the wearer's wrist and body movement, the instantaneous impact and pressure will increase the risk of watch-water.

once, when i'm going to watch shop, asked the clerk, customers pay attention to waterproof, when buying a table will take the initiative to ask?he told me straight away that the average customer is good-looking and the price is appropriate, and very few people are particularly concerned about waterproofing.the problem is big, after all, the average wristwatch can be waterproof, and luxury wearers like the wristwatch are more likely to cherish it.but it's small, too, because if you can cause your watch to get into the water because you're not paying attention, it's too late to complain about the suggestion is that if there is a need for swimming and diving to be more water-resistant, it is important to ask if you can meet the water resistance when buying a watch.if there is no special requirement, it is best to know the waterproof degree of your watch.either way, we must correctly understand the meaning of the waterproof watch, and cultivate the correct habit of wearing the watch.don't let your own love watch be damaged by"water".