she had been itching to play in the entertainment industry since she took part in the variety show eight years ago

since ming xi fall, this variety margin very good mould and was an instant hit, many people began to supermodel interested in this occupation.go in and out of each of the big luxury shows, the appearance of bling bling not to mention how charming, although both are luxury goods, but a bit not exaggerated, but very advanced.impeccably shape and a senior face, want to know what their green time is like.

recently, some netizens found early ming xi video, for their lack of variety in her natural and graceful, draft up the shape of both charm and that time, xi mengyao was thin and tall and thin.even in a group of people, xi mengyao can easily attract the camera.

, her supermodel aura appears to be innate, ming xi body and unique charm of shanghai girl, of course not only east beauty, this is a international, very fashionable feeling wonder, then, that xi mengyao would be seen as a representative of the current model.

the ming xi fall brought her record high heat, a lot of people who don't focus on modeling and therefore met ming xi.someone to support her, understand her, also some people think that"one minute on stage, the audience ten years of work"and said that ming xi there will be a fatal mistake because she is but a flower on the model of the mind is too little, it would be a very positive to enter the entertainment circle.

recently this period of time, as the supermodel this industry is more and more people know, ming xi became the goddess of the masses.a girl who is both physically and physically attractive has been popular everywhere, and she has a lot of fun playing on variety shows.

one side has a special status and achievements, and one is new, full of the supermodel's taunt, she has tried to develop in the entertainment industry, so she will be cursed to be ridiculed for the influence of her supermodel.

in the traditional sense, supermodel is the appearance of a subtropical high cold, don't need the audience fully understand oneself, loneliness of eye contact with a senior.

when a supermodel started playing, began to laugh, unscrupulous display will start their own life, she needs to face that she is facing criticism and seeing her development in the entertainment industry, do you think she is suitable for the entertainment industry or the supermodel circle?

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