do you do the same thing with everyday makeup?


makeup is to make yourself look even more beautiful, so we just after a series of complex process:

the breast before makeup, foundation, concealer, eye makeup, steps, such as eyebrow makeup to improve their appearance.

but in life, often can see some of the girls to make up the"too hard".

not only does not improve your appearance, but looks ten years older!

just like ariel lin, drew makeup look than plain yan is ugly and old.

sorry this thick makeup look without makeup makeup is older than many.

is a big part of the reason that they wear makeup to make their makeup look old.

so we will tell you about today is:in the daily make-up often make the mistake? what are those?


if there is no makeup before moisturizing, foundation will float pink makeup for facial ministry skin dry.

cecilia liu left float pink face severe dry, such powder have been deeply into his eyebrows, as if with a fake face...

    <p>correct practice:</p>

makeup must be used to moisturize the face before makeup, so as to make the skin moist and full, and make the bottom makeup more suitable.

or apply before makeup moisturizing facial mask, let skin get moisture replenishment, such subsequent foundation can reduce makeup feeling.

error:eye makeup too thick

just learn to make up a lot of girls are easy to put the eye makeup painting too thick, looks very sexy, makeup feeling is also very heavy.

it looks acosmia feeling super strong, look old and tacky.

the right approach:

in the daily dress up, put a layer of light eye shadow, eye makeup only need to draw a thin line, brush become warped eyelash natural, is quite enough to highlight the eyes!

error:what will draw eyebrow eyebrow popular

a lot of people are blindly following thrush type of problems, only considering the flow out of fashion, without considering whether to suit his face.

, for example, the round face is short and thick, so it can only make the face rounder.

in fact as long as change a bit thin eyebrow deformation can neutralize face round line, immediately become beautiful.

the right approach:

how to pick eyebrow according to face the problem has been to help you, are summarized into:

other more detailed answer in the previous article has introduced:your eyebrows always ugly and strange?that's you don't paint according to your face shape!

many people's definition of blush is that it must be obvious in the face, or it is not.

, in fact, if the blush is too obvious, it will be as abrupt as the high original.


a blush must pay attention to a few times, a layer of thin.


a blush, technique should pay attention to is to face after the brush, so that the soft blush looks more natural.

the above are some of mistakes in daily makeup.

you little fairies hurriedly get up, makeup properly and ensure the appearance level online~


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