year old girl deposited mask hanging emergency room, icu doctor said can not cure

love beauty, everyone has it.for the majority of female friends, nothing to apply a mask, not only can improve facial water shortage, but also fast whitening, tender skin.even famous personage fan bingbing goes out shopping, does not forget to put a mask on the face.mask of god, the effect of many women flocking.24 year old xiao hua, is certainly no exception.

xiaohua is a special beauty of the girl, there are many bottles on the dressing table, in her words, this is the weapon of beauty and yan values, which are not.the double eleven, and a lot of xiaohua hoard mask, anti wrinkle, whitening, freckle, skin......going to face make a full set of spa.did not think of is, the mask makes xiaohua went to the hospital icu.

a lot of time mask can not be used indiscriminately, this is a certain chief physician tan yaqin said, a lot of cosmetics, especially the mask, containing fluorescent agents exceed the standard, fluorescent brightener dye, is a kind of chemical composition, are often added to cosmetics, can absorb invisible ultraviolet light, then into a light blue fluorescent light blue can be released, and the occluded face showing the gray blue, it looked very smooth.however, these synthetic fluorescent agents will cause certain harm to the human body, easy to migrate to the stratum corneum, blood.if you contact the skin for a long time, it is easy to stimulate the epidermis, pore absorption, through the blood circulation to enter the body, because the liver can not metabolize, gathering more and more toxins may cause hepatitis, or lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer.unfortunately, xiaohua caught, advanced liver cancer.even the doctors say that can not save.

beauty can not choose poison mask

first, pay attention to composition, general mask packaging will be detailed list of ingredients, and the order is determined by the content from high to low, if the main push this mask moisturizing hyaluronic acid and you find that the composition of hyaluronic acid was ranked in the last place, as can be imagined, it do not play the role of what might be.


, to avoid carcinogenic ingredients potentially carcinogenic ingredients:avobenzone, alcohol, twelve sodium dodecyl sulfate sls, sodium lauryl ether sulfate sles, triethanolamine, ethylene ether of two synthetic pigments, isopropyl methyl phenol, sorbic acid, phenoxyethanol, butylat ed hydroxy anisole.

third, the fluorescence agent

mask placed in the detector below, or a fluorescent pen light, if the mask emits blue light, especially bright, is added fluorescent agent.


take part in detection of heavy metal essence on the back of the hand, and then the silver ring or other silver products in the painting area(prelibation rub with silver palace douju similar in), as a black or light black traces contain lead and other heavy metals.

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