redwing (red wings) for the maintenance of shoes

wine, the older the more, the better.a pair of red wing, if properly maintained, will not be a problem for a decade or two.

to do maintenance, know about first to make sure that the shoe leather.the red wings main points of three kinds of leather shoes, respectively is oil tannage(oil-tanned leather), oil wax(smooth-finished leather) and double fur(roughout leather)

if you buy from special niche, silly points not clear, the website input model, also can check it quickly.

in view of the three kinds of shoes clean face quality, care and protection, official website has detailed steps and instructions, deserve to go up close to the video, the it industry the conscience!

▍ clean

daily maintenance, the key is clean.what you need:a soft bristle brush(with a very fine toothbrush) and a soft hair towel.

◤ for basic cleaning oil tannage and oil wax:first use the brush to dust and sand on the leather, then clean with a towel.

if you accidentally touch the stubborn stains, this time will use of some special cleaning products, such as red wings official leather cleaner.wipe the surface with a towel or a cotton pad, then wipe the cleaner with a wet towel.

there are many online shoes recommended fiebing 's ma anzao.although it is clean and unpack, using bad words can damage the leather.if you don't wear shoes for more than two years, don't use soap.

◤ to turn fur basic cleaning:"brush"is almost the whole maintenance.brush carefully in one direction as far as possible, carefully removing dirty dirt from the shoe.

if there are stubborn stains, can dip in with soft plush towels warm water to clean, below is the website to recommend special suede special brush.

▍ care

clean finish, occasionally also need to leather care aware that the upper oil and waxing of the vamper is too much, the last time a year or two.

official recommended care products for oil tanning with special shoe oil, mink oil and nursing agent;there is a special mink oil for fur-turned fur;for oil wax skin, there is a special cream for vamp cream.

what need reminds is, red wings every types of materials are very subtle, choose care products before, must want to go to the website, the website, the website!check the shoe size and find the right care.

▍ protection

well, if you do the cleaning and care, still feel not enough protection, this time is to introduce a red wings's recommended leather protection spray.

a spray of rich in silicon, small daily waterproof anti salt third-class all sorts of strange effect, is suitable for most of the red wings all kinds of leather shoes.with it, a pair of shoes might actually last 20 years!


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