such a thrush will definitely be laughed to death!eyebrows are really key to improving your appearance

a lot of parents in the bottom of the message to niki

feel not thrush,

think thrush is difficult,

, so today niki say thrush these things,

nonsense not much, come directly!

one, these eyebrows misunderstanding do not repeat the

, first of all, niki is thinking, modern people are not on the eyebrows have any misunderstanding? you can always see some girls' eyebrows on the street, really, really want to go up and help her erase niki, personally help her painting!

following niki lists some of the more common eyebrows misunderstanding, dear to correct mistakes ha~


heavy brow brow is too too heavy this problem, niki is really too many times, but from time to time will be able to see some parents have sent pictures of niki or so ah...

even someone out tattoo patterns like this.

this crayon eyebrow really does not look good! the reason lies in the fact that the eyebrows are too heavy and the eyebrows are stiff.the same eyebrows, eyebrows shallow and brow heavy which is more beautiful?

, and, refusing this right angle brow, it's really unattractive!

2.eyebrows too long

some people really need to face with his long eyebrow defects, such as fan bingbing, but her cheekbones are wide, so it needs some eyebrows to improve their facial defects.the end of the eye will also be drawn longer.

if the eyebrows are shorter, does it look like the face is getting bigger? the cheekbones look wider.

, but not everyone's face is suitable for long eyebrows~ eyebrows too long will appear facial features are strange.

, so too long and too short eyebrows do not look good!


with random trend as we all know, there are always some fashion~ we cannot read the fashion and art, such as before the general people eyebrow feathers rash and too much in haste, draw out, will be a good day to die laughing~

two.recognize your eyebrows

niki today to say is you know where the eyebrow is not perfect, you need to do to fix the eyebrows.

some of the eyebrow is perfect, born with a beautiful arc, and dense medium, just draw a few pen is very beautiful, simple and convenient.

, but this kind of person is less, in fact, our eyebrows will have some small defects.

is a thin hair, and even only half eyebrows, su yan especially no spirit.

(pictures from micro-blog [email protected])

the eyebrows up behind the eyebrows as long as the line, usually a redraw the latter part of the thrush.recommended to use eyebrow filling"missing corner", so out of eyebrows will be more natural.

second on the contrary, the eyebrows are too thick, and long, to trim the zamao thrush before long cut part.

third is the most difficult, the eyebrow to strange eyebrows when the line is not smooth, not only to retain the integrity of the eyebrow, but also get rid of the soke, to make people want to degeneration.

three, how to draw natural eyebrows?


is very important to draw eyebrow eyebrows, the most important xiumei, according to my riding arena twenty years of experience, is the most natural coarse eyebrows, eyebrows is not easy to draw eyebrows, easily the eyebrow with crooked, yuemiaoyuehei, more dirty!

eyebrows must be short, thin, less, in order to have more space to play! look at niki su yan's eyebrows, maomao is so cold and lonely, it looks like a person has no spirit, and his face is there is no eyebrows i won't go out of the~

first, you have to be ready:knives, scissors, eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil

step 1:first eyebrow brush eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow to depict.we

step 2:according to the clear eyebrow, eyebrow knife with miscellaneous hair cut off.take the knife, with the skin to 30 degrees angle, must not be vertical, otherwise it will cut to the skin.we

step 3:eyebrowsthe

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