now the most popular fashion pose can go home and ask mom

said last week that she had shot lv early spring commercials.

my comment is:my mother by the sea.

got a strong chord!

someone ran to lv ins and went to me under this map......(thank you reader xuelai_in_ldn for the map.)

someone sent the same photo of mom.

below is the reader shine and the reader's little mother.

, ha ha ha ha ha mother-in-law has not finished laughing, see the reader is my cocu sent the following figure-

gucci home ins just hair soon, but also his home early spring ad next year.

mother-in-law looked closely, found gucci from early next year men's clothing series, last month and artist unskilled worker cooperation series......

, and then to the artist coco capitan series of advertising, all in the wind scarves.

, so everybody, after seeing mom take pictures, put this kind of pose, don't feel funny any more.

, they're a big trend that leads global luxury advertising!

fashion circle, the favorite pose before, the mother-in-law began to write wechat said that time.

is nothing more than toothache, neck pain, stomach pain......look at ruby lin's demonstration in the taiwan version of instyle last month.

these postures now, it feels so fashion circles, has produced a total of pose new fashion!

1, charming fawn kneels bambi pose

, means like a fawn, two legs slightly open and kneel forward.

leads this trend is bella hadid, walking everywhere kneeling.the beauty of

the pose, is the waist before quite, particularly the curve.

, kardashian's sisters, bella thorne, ashley graham and many other actresses have changed their spots.

, and later, it's not limited to swimsuit photos!

bella leads you everywhere, kneels together at any time!

, she also developed two types of bambi pose deformation-

, one is back......

leaned back and fell!

this pose is sour and cool, you can try it.

second is near to the deformation, kneeling down sideways.

xun zhou"just for the 12 issue of marie claire"shot cover, that is similar to the spot than sitting crooked.

with fawn eyes.

2, leg hemp single foot squat

, lead this pose is the little sister, walking everywhere squatting.

and most of the time only squat right leg, left leg support.

, then a lot of people began to squat self timer......

i think the only benefit is that you can get your first eye on your new shoes!

pose is a street fan, but domestic magazines are also in use!

lin yun on october"figaro"le figaro on december, liu shishi vogue, in the single leg squat.

, and the mother-in-law noticed that one leg squat inside, regardless of the left leg......

or crouching right leg?......

has a remarkable feature, that is, big legs open! more than 100 degrees.

3, heroic subway leg

of us older people know, the girl sat down to elegant, legs close together.

or gucci advertising in early spring next year, crossing his legs.

, but now young people don't think so!

they tend to sit next to celine as advertised in the early spring, two legs apart.

, like the notorious repute exists in all countries"metro split"phenomenon......

gets more and more comfortable.

of course, fashionable girls sitting with legs apart, was a clear attitude!

, this is bella and hailey baldwin.

, wear sunglasses, after the body, who is the love of whom!

, this is kim young sisterthe

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