give up an annual salary just because the fan programming supermodel kk comes back to live

guide:what?someone who wants to give up an existing$5 million salary and leave home to learn to write code and be a programmer?who is this capricious, the answer is long legs supermodel:karlie kloss.

karlie kloss

lose 5 million annual salary for fan programming supermodel kk well back online d secret

this debut 14 years old, 19 d secret stage, still active in the fashion supermodel is so capricious, according to authoritative website rankings, supermodel income karlie kloss in 2015 and again in 2016, and the statistics of annual income is.

karlie kloss catwalk

2016 supermodel income terms

top3:karlie kloss$10 million

2015 global supermodel income list

no.8:karlie kloss)-$5 million

unwilling karlie kloss don't want to be a programmer!!!!!!!!!!!

supermodel karlie kloss and apple ceo, tim cook-

is such a girl, in his own career popular chose"retired"?what?can't 5 million years be enough for your career?it's a different matter.all say the partition is like the partition, you want to know supermodel kk chooses the profession is:write code!!!maybe every beauty has an indelible dream in mind.our kk's professional ideal is to become a programmer besides supermodel.

she has uploaded a programming yourself the video control drones take cookies in her ins

supermodel kk out of the 2015 d secret stage, actually karlie kloss was not the model of the secret first ran away, compared with other models in order to broaden the business line, kk reason is academic grounds, then she really went to new york university, and studied the programming!omg, supermodel kk has finally become the most beautiful farmer.kk wasn't a fad during school, she worked hard to learn programming, and she edited a drone that could deliver cookies to another classroom.

to learn programming process, kk made great effort

to learn programming process, kk made great effort, daily life from the glamorous fashion circle back to the dark desk, often stay up late studying.i knew she was studying media management courses at harvard business school, but i didn't expect that the students with excellent grades would learn the art of learning.kk is not only an excellent student, but also a scholarship for women who love to learn programming.

obsessed with writing code supermodel

where students with excellent performance is outstanding student!

return!originally intended to return last year because the secret stage of kk temporary work is cancelled, this let the fans is very sorry, but the big show in shanghai this year, our kk regression, appear in the dimension of the camp of the secret supermodel,

karlie kloss publish them say:last year because of work conflict to absence d secret show

karlie kloss stage in 2011 for the first time set foot on d

kk from 0211-2014 d modelling of the secret

karlie kloss in 2011 for the first time set foot on d stage, as an angel(no sign) have three appearances and as the show closed model.karlie kloss also has three sets of outfits on the victoria's secret show in 2012(one of them was cut off during a television broadcast due to ethnic issues).next, karlie became more and more involved in vs advertising and 2013, karlie kloss confirmed that she had become the angel of victoria's secret, and the news that she was cancelling her contract in early 2015 was a bit of a surprise to the industry."we've been talking to karlie about whether to leave victoria's secret show for a few months, and at the end of the contract we respect her departure,"said ed razek, a senior creative at victoria's secret.

dior espcially models

we look back at some of her famous history

supermodel kk first catwalk modelling

karlie kloss is actually a after 90, was born on august 3, 1992 in the united states, 2002 karlie kloss in caston ballet academy(caston 's ballet academie) 2007, karlie kloss appeared on vogue's teenvogue after signing a contract with a modeling september of the same year, she became the first international runway.

dior espcially models

in the era of john galliano dior, he very love karlie kloss, for the first time she took to the dior is qiu dong series in 2008, since then ended before the raf, big show, she left a total of 13 dior and multiple model for open and close, visible in the era of john galliano trace serious dior, karlie kloss girl is a real dior.

love career double harvest

business friendship love double harvest

finally glad to tell you karlie kloss is not single!!!!!!!!!!!karlie kloss's boyfriend joshua kushner, one of the founders of instagram, a young successful investor, and the brother-in-law of the socialite ivanka trump, is, in short, the perfect, super-rich man in the real world.

great!study well, good career and a handsome boyfriend, grosvenor ltd supermodel karlie kloss clearly is perfect in life, in addition to bless her, this year we will see her modern up in shanghai, it is more excited.


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