yuan quan perfectly interprets the beauty in the bone not to be able to compare with her to be the same actress

the real beauty is beauty in the bone rather than the skin.fragments of beautiful star is compared commonly can withstand the test of time, the temperament is more conspicuous~

recently, wintenberger e attended the activity, a brand and took a group photo, wintenberger e elegant and charming, in the photo were indeed the perfect interpretation of what is beauty in the bone is not in the skin!

look from flank, facial features outline obvious, skinny, peep out behind a large snow-white skin, let a person see there is a dazzling~

painted with delicate makeup look, slightly raised his head, there is a kind of impulse to let a person want to know what does she want to tell, black dress makes her look sexy and mysterious.

look, facial features, though not very well, but the quality is really good.the delicate shoulder is charming, the delicate clavicle is more charming.as if she was ten years ago this shape~

has to be able to compete with yuan quanxiang feihong yu.although the time is fading, but with a lot of florals, such as zheng shuang, ni ni and so on stand together also is not afraid of.although less in they are young, but years of honed let feihong yu temperament is obviously~

feihong yu beauty is the temperament, her body has a wen wan with the feeling of the charm.her glasses, in particular, seemed to speak like a clear spring, clear and clear.

to laugh at, a kind of amazing feeling.yu feihong's personality is light and light, and the personality of fame and wealth makes her more popular.

looks like zhang ziyi that can withstand the test of time and large screen.if the bone is not beautiful, the film is not beautiful.and the look of the international chapter is exactly the kind of appearance that the more you look at.

now at this age of zhang ziyi is also more know what kind of life, we need come out from underneath the beauty of a woman is not too hard can seize person eyeball, the moment can emit a town on the big occasion aura.

zhou xun also belongs to the fragments beauty.the face is small, the whole person gives a person's feeling to belong to that small and exquisite lovely woman.the little girl in"red sorghum"is also unviolable.

today, zhou xun, clothing and dress is more fashionable.of course, there are people who are angry, no matter what clothes they wear, they will give people an unrivalled sense of beauty.

big cousin liu looks more stereo, and not too conforms to the aesthetics of the people, so she began to work, they say she's ugly~

liu actually looks like beauty is not skin and bones, and what kind of style, liu can interpret.it could be the royal sister.also can the little girl breeze, more can go up the victoria's secret show the field to show oriental beauty!

fragments of shu qi was one of those wonders of beauty.the figure is the perfect golden ratio.the face is a square, angular face, and a little flat.some people say that she looks good, of course, some people say she's ugly~

but there is no denying that shu qi is the kind of actress more look more interesting.now her looks have not changed a lot, because of the beauty of the bone, so it can withstand the time wasted, but more and more lasting appeal.

supermodel cuckoo also fragments of beautiful face.she was wearing this emerald dress, and the unflattering color was so unflattering that she wore a unique and noble feeling that she could not resist making a frantic call to her.

may her beauty is not enough to make you stay for her, but you might fall in love with her because of her temperament.the rhododendron has a cool and cold temperament, which always fascinates people.

look at her face always have a feeling of high cold abstinence, but the white backless dress, not only the outline of her lithe and graceful body appearance, the perfect curve of the waist is sexy~

someone says cuckoo look look there is a feeling of senior, do you think?do you like women who are beautiful and have good temperament?