he gave tang yan song the most beautiful picture of the life to make liu yifei a real god!

is about to enter at the end of the year, always ahead of the fashion circle than other industries has been basically finished ahead of the annual fashion cover, brush weibo today, see tiffany tang on the december issue of"fashion cosmo"double cover, what let a person shine at the moment!stupid white wash away the body to taste sweet detonation, fashion expression and texture are out, less immature between eyebrow eye, a little more light, don't blow chao, this two letters can be on the cover of the year award, she completely top5 ranks.

and miss lin again carefully look, found that the photographer is lius, understood everything, the nowadays the most popular fashion photographer, although low-key, but he's your laps of the famous"small contractors", basic show the current flow a little flower, at the same time, he is a locus kingspec hand, light using superb shooting skills, let female stars in his lens, can always show the beauty of each has its own characteristics.

all say female stars don't offend stylist, because sometimes modelling division than plastic surgeon, but such a truth, applies to the photographer, otherwise, how many actresses are in the"black history"the cover?

take tiffany tang, her fashion hard as the road has twists and turns,""two large and a small cover to last year, was enough to lock in the annual ten three seats, still remember last year when she was in the harper's bazaar, pink tone, the posture of drama and empty eyes, from head to foot every cell in the interpretation of the"who am i?where i am?what am i going to do?"

at first glance thought is in cos!

already have disaster cover, inside pages will continue to upgrade, became king kong barbie fighting with a candy, interesting?

after the second yuan of"fashion cosmo"girl also horrible horrible, a large area of green+orange printing like more than a decade ago not sensible alternative style, keen to play when the hands of the hellokitty cosmetic mirror and overall modelling, more let a person want to ridicule, this appearance, is completely not tiffany tang?

however, tiffany tang met after lius, find a master is like chicken feet, find a new pot old pot, immediately said goodbye to the silly white sweet start light ripe personality of royal elder sister, found the fashionable wide open the right way!

the best home illustrated in september last year, on the cover of the tiffany tang hair float in the sky, a little face, but did not cover your eyes too light, red lip upgrade aura, the overall picture of the effect of hard atmosphere, also implies the women's gentle, promoted several class than before.

the weekend illustrated life version in february this year, is also under the lius lens, tiffany tang should allow sweet modelling, royal elder sister wind, cold face, body, light pseudo bulge out without makeup delicate facial feature, quiet but sends out a shock the hearts of the aura, let you'll never forget.

with the help of the lius tiffany tang today even without exaggeration of the pose and the modelling of flowery, a person, one side wall can be so good-looking, see more that the beauty of the blossoms, the small and pure and fresh look refreshed instead.

may, victoria song is on the cover of the fashion magazine, is a"ruili apparel beauty", another is"so figaro weekly, although good resources to go, but the style of this two letters seems a little poor~

"so figaro weekly this group of film photography is lius greatly, dressed in a printed dresses like the peacock, is beauty?

inside pages more aesthetically pleasing, has long been diss no expression of victoria song under his lens that there was a cool beauty is different from the screen of the energetic, delicate and elegant style and she also can perfect mix, this should be one of the most beautiful fashion shoot in victoria song!

at the beginning of the fashion l 'officiel"is domestic large publication cover debut, victoria song originally girl full of she, is under the lius lens, or small dew shoulder, or show long legs, and present the picture of the breath of charming mature, there is even a little sexy.

home best illustrated in april only slightly from make-up looks picturesque, give a person a kind of clean and clear visual enjoyment, and her usual airport taking snapshots of the essence of"play"a different style, this simple contains sexy just in a bit of ring powder?

to say, the lius always can make the feeling of dust flying, but the young photographers have a l this was originally a"fairy people set"girl, after a 85 rise flowers and a"small contractors"in the chemical reaction.

l and lius cooperation many times, he drops the l that classical with a naive girl, inscribed by the pure power, perfect foil gives l jump in fragments of beauty.

:in january 2015, the figaro was full of ghosts and cool, and there were no flowers and no flowers.

"the week"for drunk in love l little woman wen wan.

two letters in different periods of the bazaar jewelry, even with the most expensive jewelry, the former is very pure and beautiful which is extremely jianchuncui, more than the dust a little handsome, lius to her true love.

is not just a dust, l under the lius lens, she was wearing hair battle sword female knight-errant of life of righteous itinerant persons, to make good as if the stars twinkle, as if the next moment she would say"my mr.right is a heroes, one day he will be wearing jin jiasheng garments, foot seven color clouds to marry me."

but miss lin personally think l ✖ ️ lius most beautiful a set or from the bazaar on may, under the wind face if the peach blossom, smile look, take a few minutes away from secular noisy cold lonely, walking like the picture, very beautiful.ps:of course, liu tianxian is too beautiful, the temperament that comes with sexy and pure and pure is to raise an eye, the photographer that makes him to be ugly is not unworthy to call a photographer.

can occur with lius same dust with chemical reaction and cecilia liu, that lets a person beautiful wedding photos of dazzling smile with tears, is from the hand of liu greatly.

although poem"blind"acting has always been criticized, but and lius cooperation several times, every time is good.

bha series of these two, liu shishi's clever spirit and casual languor are all in it, there is a straight man and straight girl look at all want of fresh feeling.

"she ruili fashion"and"fashion cosmo"both eyes and pose in place, simple body movements very flowing, and have a heart brave.

"fashion lofficiel"and"red show"this two letters is great, very cool~ miss lin individual also liked, not pure beauty or handsome, may be the reason for the naked makeup somewhat to return uncut jade to put in.

wuli poem of ultimate kill and swan neck and side yan, lius advantage also can put the two infinite amplification, absolutely is a poem of fans in the brain the ye!

to say, there's little ray lius made female star point, is always eat the melon diss soil masses liyan tong, was he sold both modern and classical beauty.

was known as the"big black hole"in the spring and summer, under his camera with self, simple, light and reiki.

li-ying zhao has been uncertain about the fashion, the most beautiful fashion cover is from his hand.

between people is a wonderful field, again beautiful female star, must have a master in the behind, in addition to the master stylists, also should be a photographer, people mountain people sea, through the way only endless beautiful in your lens, this is probably a kind of predestination?


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