female star tattoo big disk point angelababy most embarrassed seek huang xiaoming psychological shadow area!

as the trend in the entertainment industry pioneer of the female stars, besides is multifarious, new makeup look, dress, sometimes tend to add something special in the body, such as tattoos, in today's society is more and more inclusive, and the phenomenon of female star tattoo was used.and female celebrities are showing their unique charm by using these tattoos.

, for example, taiwan's first beauty, famous model lin chi-ling, looks tall and beautiful, and the complexion is white.when lin chi-ling's heart tattoo the dance of this butterfly, more beautiful and charming, add a different temperament!

cecilia cheung, can say is one of the favorite tattoo of entertainment star, it may also be related to her background, her father an underworld figure, he was a little too younger sister, and thus inevitably affected.basically all over the body.but since his marriage to nicholas tse, cheung has changed to become a good wife and mother, which is quite rare.

as a sexy goddess, ada body is rumored to have three tattoos, and each one has a story.the three tattoos are mysterious and mysterious, and have made netizens curious.but the sexy liliuyan with these extremely attractive tattoos, more attractive.

yi are renowned literary image, but in her love life is bold and hot, abandon yu cheating on victor huang was evident.after divorcing yu chengqing, yi jing was able to go to japan to print the pattern and thorns, which was used as a magazine cover, and was said to be trying to show her pain.

days wang feizao with nicholas tse in 2002 asked will cause the great sensation of the entertainment circle, but now two people respectively after the divorce of the composite is legendary.in honor of their love, wang fei and nicholas tse had this pattern tattooed on the same spot as a witness to love.

angelababy development in hong kong, and william had a romance, although william is not a baby's first love, but was not known love is two people is quite warm, even two people in private parts under the cross body tattoo.

this net friend also commented:o brother xiao ming psychological shadow area.but everyone has a past, and now angelababy has become a big flower in the mainland, and is married to huang xiaoming, the husband of the male god.and mr chan is now thriving on the mainland.both have happy endings.

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