the coat is really big

winter comes, a season of overcoat overcoats.recently, a lot of friends asked me how to wear a coat, how to get i will teach you five rules to make sure that you can increase your vision by 20cm!

a lot of little girls on the coat, but as long as remember up their own waist line can wear very fan!

lace coat is actually a universal item, regardless of the height or size as long as the belt fasten is very high.

no lace-up waist brings together!

queen street snap duma actual height is only 155, but highlight the waist height is obvious after stretched a lot.

the shoulder pads style of coat is in fashion this year, but for the little girl is very manageable.because shoulder line vision will horizontal line pull wide, appear the person is shorter and bulky.

so the little girl in the selected coat when you first look at the shape of the edition and the shoulder line, the most suitable is to cultivate one's morality, just the right shoulder line.

the little girl is very taboo wearing too many colors, can let a person look more small bloated, so color things simple, inside take best is the collocation that fastens with color.

a pair of shoes that can heighten leg ministry line for the little girl is also very important.

knee-high boots is absolutely the little girl of choice, just to come to light, the portion of the leg the finest meter of eight height on the vision!

if you're afraid of cold can wear a tight leggings, same very high!

no girls don't like high heels, for a small small girl, high-heeled shoes is necessary in high one.

flat shoes, too, will show more high ankle.

if you feel the dew ankle too cold, so a pair of high-heeled boots+leggings with the same effect.

to show high, of the profile modification of the clothes is also very important.for example, an overcoat and h coat are more suitable for small girls.

accept waist of x design is particularly friendly to little also.

remember these five principles, little man can also have a lot of fan!



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