do you know cats are professional? ! these heels do not you know

do not think you know this year with the popular kitten has been regarded as professionals, in fact, from the heel to the shoes have a lot of classic style, the body is also different for different, only recognize that we can wear out long leg!

the most classic heel type, with tip baotou shoes, is the best stovepipe artifact, of course, is the most one of the wild shoes.

whether it is high-heeled or flat-bottomed, or what shoes, as long as there is an ankle strap is this type of , also highlights the effect of slender ankle, but pay attention to try to choose the thin straps thick legs.

side with shoes can be said that the gospel of the thick legs, and basically applicable to all kinds of legs, but the most critical good to wear and go!

although this year the cat with the fire, but not everyone is suitable, if the thick legs, or please decisively give up.

if your own thick legs but also want to wear a cat with or with the effect, then choose to cones with it, steady but slender.

in fact, there are many types of platform shoes, but overall it is not recommended for small size to use it to increase, but it will appear cumbersome.

followed from the french court in 1700 down the heel style, feeling with the flowerpot at the end of the qing dynasty in china have a fight! relative to the baotou shoes in fact, open toe shoes are more likely to stretch leg lines, especially the triangular openings of the style.

unlike thick-soled shoes can generally be referred to with or flat, water table with generally used for high heels, before and after the pad convenient will not wear high heels you.

better worn and leggy than ankle straps, yet elegant and feminine with straps, straps accurate right!

stacked heel refers to a heel process, made of leather or wooden laminated heel so that shoes with more texture and more durable.

we have history, of course, there are innovative, such as the heel now more and more love abstract concepts, each species you never thought of appeared in the heel.

once again a very popular heel style, though it has been less visible in recent years, it can not be denied can really help you increase and wear better than high heels.

can be said to be the most able to stretch the proportion of the strap style, classic and retro with a little cute, step on a pair of enough mary sue!

the same flat or high-heeled style, but the same point is the tip of the cover without the heel, and the legs there is no requirement, wild temperament shoes.

lace-up boots:whistles

ankle strap shoes:h&m

mules shoes:tibi

cat heels:mango

heels:miu miu

thick soled shoes:gucci

heeled shoes:jwanderson

heeled shoes:who what wear


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