girls in the eyes of the most ugly boys hairstyle in your votes in the move it?

hi! good morning! a beautiful day! yesterday, someone asked wood, how mildly, without leaving the traces of the men to find his new hair is very ugly! this can be stumped wood, small fairies have a way? you can leave the message oh.

wood thought for a night to write about the girls in the eyes of the most ugly hairstyle and the most handsome hairstyle, remember to transfer to their own male votes oh.

one is probably the least controversial? are there fairies?

kill the horse modeling

speaking of killing matt, in fact, not derogatory, killing matt is also regarded as a cultural existence, and the family is huge, but in any case, girls most of them can not stand their own votes so, of course, other people kill matt she will still hold the usual heart, and even appreciate the attitude.

the most anti-attack to kill matt is also the more people to kill matt is probably japan's ishihara your elegant bar(he had to hold on to see it, and there was an egg).

at that time he was a small band, due'le quartz, who did not find out where he was in the figure.

ishihara yours

on behalf of a fashion, but it is already years kill a lot of matt has been"playing bad", and commercial atmosphere is too heavy, so now kill matt is generally considered to have derogatory majority.

it is undeniable that speculation to kill the original martial high, but this kind of ugly kill matt's behavior more humiliating.

the following look at the stone to kill your elegant well as"transformation"after his handsome! the the

style after the sudden, handsome to recognize!

change the style of the stone of your elegant

after the change of style, he is a mature man's rock probably the experience of deepening, aesthetic standards have changed a lot of it, kill the shape of matt has been quiet in the swing of the youth inside.

today, he is short and handsome, cool.yan value of the already high, put on the japanese aesthetic culture of short hair, still live"wind and water"also often appear in the fashion industry.

long hair, whether straight hair or curly hair, coupled with his three-dimensional facial features , minutes and minutes spike a lot of small fresh line is very beautiful, so even the most test of the value of the inch head, but also no pressure.

colorful hair color

not afraid of boys daoteng afraid of boys do not turn their own! for most girls, the boys in order to more skin color, proper dyeing is understandable, but dyed like rainbow as colorful as a bit too much.

take out the street do not be so eye-catching, no girl's foothold.

dyed a color no matter how peculiar or acceptable, but we one and look at the colorful dyed in a head is what kind of visual"feast"

woody take the little brother of the figure, the value is needless to say, three-dimensional nose, a little rough overall, but coupled with colorful hair, really feel overwhelmed.

it is probably the colorful hair color will grab this belong to the facial features of the"flash point", in addition to the traditional psychology, the hair color is easy to give a variety of immature, a little deviated from the traditional concept.but if it is for the stage or artistic effect is another is not the stage.

another person who can not get rid of matt and loves colorful hairstyles is the figure below.

but we are exposed to the big zhang are separated by the screen, and he is to follow the line of harmony, but the colorful hair is very suitable for him, no one felt weird, can not accept.

one side of the shovel hair type, but only more than the side of the shovel has become quite a young male fan shovel hair style.

the evaluation of both sides of the shovel is obviously different from the one.the side is shoveling design, heavy liuhai hair side of the side of the elegant sense of curvature of the arc, showing exquisite face, relaxed and gaudy school grass-like fresh temperament.

boys handsome and face lines all show the most vivid, dry, clean and sunshine!

accept, but not clean, not diligent care, dirty long hair, wood feel that girls can really accept a few.

only from the dirty hair is enough to capture the person's life and the degree of not care, really recommend to stay short hair, inch the best, although the test value, but at least seem neat.

long hair of the right way to open

long hair can be very chic unruly.and wood that boys long hair, really very lifted.meticulous, comes with ruffian gas to fit with the words there is a gentleman yuppie wind, unique fact, many girls like the character.

straight is often used to create a pure, beautiful image, once the smash hit long hair is the same as the beauty of the standard men.but the shoulder of the hair style need to control not only the value of more is a melon seeds face, long face, this will appear face more fine three-dimensional.otherwise it is not recommended to stay straight hair oh.

little fairies are your hairstyles what is the hairstyle? to see if there is no hit boyfriend......hairstyle.

are the fairies finding the best hair for their own? if you have not found, then you can leave your hairline level+color+face wood can help you recommend oh!

baby see tomorrow, white white!

the above is the content of today, thank you for reading!

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