girlfriend is too shabby i intend to break up he took me to see her parents i immediately changed my mind

my girlfriend looks very handsome, i like her girl like that junior year, we are together, i am very pet to her after graduation, we became love for work.girlfriend what is good, is too save, it looks very shabby.

after we crossed, i gave her new clothes, she was too expensive and not.bought her a cosmetics, she did not, or too expensive.winter she cold cold, i bought her a coat, or i was angry she was willing to.

take my girlfriend and go to my buddies to eat when she was still wearing washed white jeans, with white t-shirt.i feel a little face are not, in fact, as long as she is willing to dress, certainly very beautiful do not know how many women.

last time i went to her, she actually gave me the cheapest single room, she ran back to the company's dormitory to sleep.i wanted to break up with her, but it was afraid of her self-esteem.

i also found the right opportunity to say that she took her home.her house is really old, furniture is also dilapidated, i saw it is not the taste.her father was paralyzed in bed, her sister carrying a child, while taking care of the elderly.

girlfriend to her father and sister introduced me, her father and sister are very happy.come out, girlfriend said:now you know my family situation, and if you want to break up, i can accept.

i give her a hug, she cried, i said:life and you never betray, silly girl.

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