lin change the temptation of zhang tian love zhang tian love quickly covered with a scarf this expression intriguing!

lin update and flora cheung together to attend an event, zhang day love wearing a pink dress, show slender white long legs are very eye-catching.lin dog dress style is also remarkable.this pair of handsome beauty, instantly detonated the scene, the audience have screamed cheers are not excited.

the looks good with wood? but it is estimated that the fans of the forest dog but also spray refute, five meters like women are forest dog girlfriend? some time ago came wang li-kun, lin has not yet clearly announced the new love oh

, but also stole zhang tian love, all the behavior was next to the conscience of the photographer to record down.caused the users have what's going on? take a look at it.

zhang tian ai to find the kazakhstan, ha ha ha, which is embarrassing.zhang tianyi got up and quickly covered with a scarf covered with whitening thighs.a look of intriguing expression, do not know is embarrassing, or heart secretly happy, or both.

but the words come back star entertainment gossip news, eating melon masses have been commonplace, there is nothing surprising at all.feng shaofeng stole power, photographers on the spot capture, and even the male star even directly to get started.but a lot of forest dog fans have melon people have for the forest dog fact, the dog dog is not staring at the day of love whitening thighs, but to see zhang tianyao hand, compare the hands of two people who are more beautiful? do you believe in this rhetoric?

two people face the camera, the expression is a bit strange, even very intriguing ha how do you see the forest change to steal zhang tian love? let's talk about your opinion.

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