what is the color change? li yuchun wu xin kun ling burst hair burst called the year the most hair color

a few years ago, my sister's hair was almost all black or dark brown; and now, a street color can be formed into a color plate!"an exaggerated color"even by many young people included in the"life will do the list", if you are very excited about the hair, but also hesitant to choose what hair color, then you can look at their new hair color ↓

they have to change color

after all, these colors are not easy to hit and hit!

some time ago, my grandmother's gray was so popular for a while, while the spring spring of the metal silver gray than the pure matte grandmother also more texture and a sense of high quality, with the dress looks particularly"tall"!

of course, accompanied by daily clothing is also no sense of violation! silver gray also added some purple tune, so the light will see some pan-purple, is not it better?

kun ling chose the partial golden color of flax brown, it seems neither vulgar and very texture~

wu xin's new hair color is hot in recent years, the golden brown, coupled with the same fashion of the short hair, fashion instantly high number of files! if you want to find the same as they are looking for good hair color, then continue to look down-

hair color is not appropriate but eat more lotus

in accordance with the skin color selection will not be wrong!

is the warm color and the white sister, the choice of hair color range is relatively wide, partial red or partial gold of the brown system can easily control, can also pick gold, etc.; if the skin is white enough, red and brown and shallow linen color is no problem~ but to remember, no matter how hair color at least deeper than their own skin color number!

sister dyed the star or net red with the same color but completely fail to achieve the effect of each other? the reason is the color! if the skin itself is warm and not white, then light and fluorescent color must be avoided! you can choose deep linen or slightly reddish brown and other dark colors, you want to non-day color, then dark green and deep red can also~

3.cool tone white


in the beauty of the session will be enviable cold white skin in the choice of hair color can still wayward , gold, gray, blue and other ordinary people can not control the hair color can easily hold live~ but if the skin is not good, then choose to pick more insurance oh~

the darker brown system will be more suitable for you, you can also add some blue color in the hair color, or in the hair tail picking gray or blue and purple~

tips:how to judge whether it is warm tone skin or cool tones?

put your hand in the sun, if the blood of the back of the hand looks green, then you are warm tone skin; if it is blue or purple, then it is cool colors.


due to the different hair, that is, using the same hair cream, the final results may also be different, their hair color lighter sister's hair color effect will be better than the color of the dark sister, and fine soft and dry hair of the sister will be thicker and oily hair sister hair coloring effect.

how to reduce the hair damage to the hair

> yes, here is the"reduction"damage, that is no matter what, hair and other hair for hair will certainly have some damage, but you can use these methods to minimize the damage:the first frequency can not be too frequent, the interval more than six months the best; followed by the hair and perm will be done separately, do one of the interval after another time to do another; the last is to use a better hair products, hair care to pay more attention to care hair, and use a color care function of hair care products to maintain hair color unchanged.

in fact, hair is not necessarily only permanent hair(that is, usually the most common way of hair), there are disposable hair and semi-permanent hair.the former dye is attached to the hair surface, will not enter the hair inside, you can rinse off the water, so want to go for a specific occasion hair and do not want to be so hair can be used this and semi-permanent will be washed 7-15 times before the head will fade, so you can choose according to their own needs different hair style~

want to dazzling long-lasting hair color

these products you should receive the

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this film is rich in soy essence, vitamin b5, vitamin e and anti-uv ingredients, to deep repair and improve hair quality, and from the keratin internal lock color, bright color, extend color stay time!

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makeup spray everyone knows, but the makeup hair spray you heard of it? it contains green tea extract, not only make the scalp and hair to keep fresh and fluffy, and dingzhuang natural effect, in the hairline powder and hair color concealer after use to help enhance the hair makeup effect!

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shiseido professional hair of the pui ying series of hair cream with chocolate brown and smoked purple two colors, when used to smear the hair root, the time to apply the middle of the smear, hair can be it!

want to improve the overall fashion, hair is the easiest way to friends, it is not quick to find suitable for their own color, the hair dyed~

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want to foreigner, want to change the united states, like gossip

p>"fashion bazaar"micro-signal bazaar-china

fashion circle of the bar,

do not believe you come to pay attention!

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