lu han is not the only way to learn guan xiaotong dressing wu yifan or yours

words 10.8 itself is the last day of the grief of the crowd, everyone's mood is not fun, if this day if there is a little bit of a big thing can make people near the collapse.

but the saying is afraid of what to say, on this day, your husband-lu han, announced the romance, the heroine is not someone else, is the national girl-guan xiaotong!

at the moment, microblogging paralysis, 40 million girls collective lovelorn...


the most pull is that the deer and guan xiaotong also"delay"the people of the people...........................................of life! causing the programmer to work overtime that day, just do not be too funny ha ha ha!

okay, then, in the hearts of thousands of girls,"thousands of grass mud horse fly ben"at the same time, omnipotent friends to find the guan xiaotong and deer han had sweet"clues"..all kinds of the same paragraph...well, this deer han's wife powder is undoubtedly a bad news....

in addition to lu han fans, another"fans giants"hot bar powder to be outdone, have been strangling for the heat(running men were hype, known as the"land couple"), are said to say what is guan xiaotong, there are tall and still have family background?

okay, this time standing on a fair and equitable position on three or three , very sure to say:you question these people have guan xiaotong.

173cm, looks sweet can be royal sister, plain beauty, father or well-known actor guan shaozeng.of course, the most important thing is acting very good, in the"good gentleman""husband"in the outstanding performance so that the audience have given her"national girl"a said.

for the clothing, the university of guan xiaotong is all the way to open hanging, style control like a duck to water, no wonder,"silly roe deer"was so pulled up the ha ha.

okay, do not be frustrated! you want to know lu han is not the only, with three or three to learn about guan xiaotong strength to wear, think about how to keep our wu yifan, wang junkai, zhang yixing it..!

※ wear look1:cool girl-total black

total black for the height of 173 guan xiaotong, it is really appropriate.not only was significantly thin, big legs properly, a strong height is also easy to wear out the royal sister fan.

baseball cap strength assists, strength and mixed with freestyle both view.

weird nature.

but the shape of the skirt+royal sister's eyes and hair, just not too sharp.

※ wear look2:sports and leisure

said the sweater is an age-saving artifact, but for only 20-year-old guan xiaotong, wearing a sweater to simply tender water rhythm.

small white shoes strength assists, and instantly return to the hurry that year~

pink oversize t-shirt, for the skin white and look off the collagen guan xiaotong, in addition to full of girls feel no other.

still complain about why people do not like guan xiaotong? first look at their own three layers of fat! people have vest line you have what!

fight color sweater, youth vitality.

black leggings as a wild single product, with the military green jacket together, the classic is not wrong.

※ wear look3:campus sweet

guan xiaotong wearing the campus wind wear invincible pure, because the appearance of the beijing girl is a unique sense of beauty, wearing a t-shirt skirt to simple and generous no contrived.

since the sweet, print elements can not be less, romantic wavy curly hair with a lovely half-tail, sweet feeling ready to come out.

match,"a meat a prime", mutual saturation, visual sense of great.

put on school uniforms, a second change in the next door of the female students.

vintage of the british lattice with colored striped shirt, of the beret is also played a icing on the cake of the effect, for the body plus points.

finally, three or three have to appeal to everyone:the stars have their own of the emotional life, as the fans the most correct way is i hope you have had, rational chasing stars it!

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