nail industry also showed significant thin money? these ultra-pretty nail let you easily have autumn and winter fashionable hand!

days are cold, dress up while small fairies do not forget to change the nail for"equipment"oh! compared to fresh or bright spring and summer nail, the autumn and winter nail is more suitable for more heavy color and style, today to bring you get this year's hot four kinds of autumn and winter nail style~

"dark red scrub with red gold and white thickness of the grid, matte, and so on."

white background and golden triangle elements are more thick tones add a trace of smart.

red, dark brown, light brown, gray jump color, with a matte texture of the surface, full of autumn and winter temperament, gold oval and pearls also greatly ease the autumn and winter nail easy to boring monotonous common problem.

deep chocolate brown and light gray brown frosted a, with a transparent brown at the end color of the gold foil a, there is a heavy feeling of autumn and winter without losing their eyes bright spots.

sweets& checksum

this is also the a matte, but which uses the elements of the sweater pattern, gray gray three-dimensional sweater pattern and the classic check with red plum color sand, instantly gives a warm feeling.

round pearl and dark blue gold checkered, elegant and chic.

the main colors of brown and the same color rules to give people a sense of autumn and winter, bright nails and metal elements for the nail as a whole added a stylish atmosphere.

marble a

perfectly restore the marble lines, golden lines are the finishing touch of the whole group of nails, neat style full of and white marble stripes and fashionable bright side of the metal with a princess pink tone, the use of black and white, the overall style of gentle and yet fashion sense.

elegant nude color tones with the same color marble lines, , milky white pearl even more obvious temperament.

cold handsome sense, silver cat's eye effect is added a trace of noble feminine.

the next out of your hands is the most shining personality girl~

suitable for autumn and winter and white, cat's eye with a large group of precious stones gem, extravagance, elegant and generous.

armor products& autumn and winter nail polish tens of millions

baba with you unlock the most in that one!

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fragrant nail savior, australity and toughness increased by 75%, contains hydrolyzed wheat, protein and calcium formula for the fragrant nails to provide a source of repair, effectively strengthen the nail, from the source to solve the problem of nail fragility.a bottle of multi-effect, at the end of oil and oil double effect, in the use of color nail polish can also repair nails, long-term use, can make nails to repair effect, add gloss to nails.

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carefully modulated nail polish series, bright shine makeup doubled magnified, and tom ford beauty makeup sugar, deep milk tea purple gray with red chirp, is a very special color.

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chanel launched a new nail polish, both the role of color and protection, so that fingertips shine rich and colorful lasting, delicate texture, bright and beautiful, as the fingertips to bring uniform and delicate, crystal clear glaze glaze.566 is a cold haze blue, especially suitable for cold winter temperament.

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shine high glazed glory, to explore the new dior dior nail polish, exclusive gel formula, perfect to create xuanliang nail makeup effect.learn high set of fashion week color inspiration, all kinds of iconic dior dior tones embrace them.fashionable tone yue move fashion pulse, zhang yang avant-garde people can not resist, the basic tone never relegated to pop.of which 785 is very suitable for autumn and winter of the classic deep bean sand rose, the recent hot hue, elegant knowledge and white.

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nail polish series of color inspired by burberry fashion show, giving nails a lasting glossy and full of rich color, inherited burberry fashion show style; elegant and deep color, echo the british weather and pleasant scenery.nail polish with high precision round brush, easy color, so that fingertips bloom elegant red 300 is burberry one of the iconic colors, and the logo of the classic pattern complement each other, painted it is the autumn and winter gas field queen.

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pigeon egg nail polish, shape with bright diamonds cutting design, selection to zhen raw materials, turned into a fingertip love color, like a pigeon eggs diamonds blooming fingertips, as each girl thirsty dream yi yi, rose stone color it is the whole series of the most elegant temptation of the mysterious weapons.

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texture rich and soft, effective nourish, nourish and protect the nail and nail around the skin, massage soften the stratum corneum and strengthen the nails, make nails more healthy and tough.product formula with 30% shea butter, light squeeze hose, brush applied to the nail and nail skin.

whether you are gentle princess or cool girl, whether you are intellectual elegance little woman or noble cold woman strong, there is always a style, a style, an element for you, quick get up, for your nails to wear new clothes!

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p> fashion circle of the bar,

do not believe you to pay attention!

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