the top four checkered styles are baked and each has its own name and big head

fashion turns turn, we once again ushered in a strong return of the grid, the closet is not a check a single product how to line, whether it is fashion week show field or fashion jingjie shot, must be strong tyrants~ together to learn to live in the top four of the grid how long, what is the name of it


glen plaid-prince of wales checkered, also known as glenn grid-yes, that is the beauty of love that country does not love the country beautiful man-duke of windsor love a check, this once prince welsh, king edward viii to the world of another gift, that is, his clothing taste.

the welsh prince grid is a more tolerant checker, and you can be free with sports children full of sweater and striped shirt, both full of youth and full of retro flavor full.

all the way retro in the end, full of curiosity, no matter which item is used on it, you will find it for the whole look brought a rich retro atmosphere, especially for the quiet atmosphere of winter.


gingham-vichy check, this simple black and white small lattice as early as the fifties and sixties of last century on the popular, audrey hepburn is like a single element of the weixiu pattern the trend of change, classic timeless.

the classical and literary vichy is the cleanup of the lattice community because it is the most able to deduce a small fresh and literary fan children of the grid, the french side of the range of children it is also very line, literary women and sen female dishes oh.

although simple, but it is not old-fashioned, on the contrary there are some playful, pattern unique sunshine temperament, with a sense of movement sweater, the whole people are young and beautiful.

irregular skirt in the long sweater floating under the small pieces of small lattice, fresh and simple and very seductive.

in fact, people are black, white, red, yellow, green, dark blue 6, we see super bright red and green it.

color check is actually more difficult to wear, no matter how is not particularly easy to wear western style outstanding, this time may wish to choose onepiece single product, such as colored check dress, only highlights its personal charm is not easy to make mistakes! scottish lattice temperament is the representative of the school wind, so the effect of age is very small.praise oh, to the back of the trousers, you can instantly turned"primary school students", very lively and smart.windowpane-pane, the beginning of a man's exclusive oh, can be said that men wear lattice suit entry level.


, it can be seen that the good control of the two parallel lines of fine lines and the formation of the window frame as the same large square, simple and generous and sharp sense of geometry.

the geometric simplicity of the united states, so a large area of ​​the pan control completely no difficulty, a pane dress skirt, with bright color t-shirt, bright color pile, mix and match is very taste.

a podium skirt, all year round can be deducted, to pieces of white t-shirt like, with a set of atmosphere in a slightly playful feeling, a variety of occasions can easily control.

look at the check pattern do not buy the wrong oh, these four classic grid pattern, into the closet to wear bad all too late~

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