knitted dress is not good to see because there is no choice of shoes

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say the wind of the weather, should be the proportion of bogey than the united states...but to give up the united states is really can not do.demon wind bursts, so how the weather is warm and beautiful and see people? it is said that every season has its dress, autumn and winter, of course, is a knitted dress! let the wind and then big, modeling will not chaos, a knitted skirt, so you do not run fashionable! you have to be responsible for the noble and then from their beauty around them...

before you talk about the basic knowledge of science!##

for skirt long knee and has a certain sense of expansion of the knitted dress is already very sense of existence, so if your body is not so perfect as to give up those complex patterns, choose a pure color models.

whether it is summer thin silk dress or autumn close knit dress, incognito underwear are a base of the addition, if the material is slightly thick knitted dress, do not wear bra's natural sense of actually better look.regardless of any popular, the most important point is that according to their actual situation to find the"suitable for that one, so the body for the lower body is the most worried about the skirt is too covered body will expose the fat, so the material is relatively crisp knitted dress is more suitable.

partial skin care design of the knit dress is a good choice, the easiest way"where you can use the skirt at the slit design, but like a side of the slits of the skirt if exposed some legs than a pair of exaggerated boots more suitable for everyday.

with a high-heeled shoes can be very chic

knitted skirt is also very popular, the integration of the hippie with pop wind, opened a rather interesting"knitting times."

the body of the hip difference is not obvious, the most suitable for wearing stripes tight package hip knit dress, strapless and stripes are designed so that the original is not obvious chest buttocks become more abundance.

apple style body as a whole more rounded, the best election v-neck big skirt of the knitted skirt, v-neck design to weaken the shoulder, and the design of the big skirt can transfer the visual center of gravity.most of the girls in asia are pear-shaped, buttocks are more plentiful, and the buttocks are full of pear-you can wear a word knit dress, a word skirt can weaken the buttocks.

more loose straight type dress is also suitable for pear-shaped body of the girl.

the hourglass figure is obvious, on the waist of the knitted skirt, can highlight the advantages of the body.

when the early autumn, wearing a knit dress is enough fashionable, but the temperature plummeted, may wish to learn from the t station popular to the streets of the skirt pants to wear the law, this move[] especially for winter knit skirt~

there is no slim figure is difficult to wear good-looking, the solution is to find a color with the same knit dress with a thin bar

exposed jeans trousers can also point to"care machine", like this with a wool whisker jeans will be more fashionable, weaving skirt of the big slits so that the whole look more agile

knit skirt style changes with the pants will choose a different change, put on a sense of formal is more i feet suit pants is able to work dress model, the sandals into a pointed thin shoes will be more suitable for autumn and winter

#knitted skirt+shoes#

shoes is not only good-looking, it is warm.if it is a long section of knitted skirt, when the shoes must remember to reveal the fine ankle, which is to avoid the"five five"key.

whether it is knitted dress or knitted skirt suit, take the shoes when the high waist always is the focus.

not necessarily just white shoes, like this same color with the gradient also look good.

the shoes seem low threshold, in fact, the requirements of the wearer , or legs long, or is born with a casual temperament, or this may make you look neither tall nor fashionable.

a long and hip or hip length of the jacket, but also let the knit dress was thin and warm a wear law, autumn and winter clothing, jacket can highlight the vertical lines, was thin role needless to not need to brains, if it is wearing boots+knitted dress combination, casually add a coat will be super-limited

if the stack is more recommended, this will be a little bit of thigh skirt combination, will be more good control and very long legs

look at the physical demonstration with gigi, is not super beauty...

but more like the willing beans open knit dress+hairy coat with, even in the autumn and winter can also play sexy style, but the control of the difficulty will be much more ha

but boots is only one of the choice, due to the outside of the knit dress with the warmth of the role of blessing, can no longer be limited to boots it! you can choose a small white shoes,

plus a piece of socks inside oh~

can also be flat boots, and wear a knit dress to the length of the ankle to avoid the small sense of procrastination is to choose a short jacket, small girls to get up

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