a trick to teach you how to wear a shirt without counseling

i do not want to poke your sore, but the fact is like this:on the road in the street, the same shirt, people wear is a man, why a change to your body is so counseling.

this question is not already troubled you for a long time, and the shirt as a men's wardrobe in a single product, you can not escape their own want to do shirt fluttering beautiful man, but accidentally love and dedication of 24 hours are not off work clothes people.

said white shirt is the only standard to test whether it is true gods, these words may say some absolute, but really is the case.do not have a trace of modified white shirt to put it on you not only yan mei, the law had to have gas field.

putting a little different on the style, the same is a white shirt, worn on you like wearing a uniform, why?


do not think that wearing a good print to wear solid color can be, and even feel the best black and white gray with the most easy to control.would you please pay attention to the details? shirt the first two buttons is to unlock or tie, shirt sleeves is to be accompanied by cufflinks or spend some thought to roll up?

> 2, body

is not put on clothes called dressed, one of the most important elements is that you have to have a good body.it is not to say that have to have abdominal muscles, but if the potbellied appearance, you do not dislike clothes to buy the bad.

you can, leisure is very formal

3, with

remember:there are inclusive of a single product, but also unable to stand the failure of the match.even if the white shirt is simple and good but also pay attention to occasions, materials and styles.just like you can not use a white shirt to match the denim shorts.

vertical stripes are either turned tall and thin or become deep well ice

some people wear classic vertical stripes that look tall and shiny, but you are wearing a deep well that sits like a nurse carrying a secretly.first of all, the vertical stripes can really make you look so taller, but the color of the stripes, the choice of money is also very important.

blue and white, santorini-like temperament

p> business men are more suitable for light blue small white stripes, body fat some men in the choice of striped shirt is to try to avoid the color of thick stripes too wide style.the choice of pants our advice is light-colored or solid-based, especially when you have not been able to control the vertical stripes.

> closet or more or less pieces of small checkered, large grid; hit color, the same color.but not a few times to wear a nice look and western style, minutes with woven bags mixed with one.you can only envy people to wear patterns is vibrant, youthful.

break this curse, as long as you first of the department of the tight shirt buttons are open, and then add a thin white round neck inside the base, of course, if you can be super good body can be replaced by v-neck base.and then look in the mirror, then you can feel more pleasing to the eye, especially for color checkered shirt.


wave point, let you playful and let you lei ren

large and small, rich color of the wave point, so that white shirt becomes more lively and more flexible.you can not help but make you become young and playful, but you have not found the effect of the wave of the wave point of the shirt can make you look silly.

point.not the bigger the better

very personality of this little bit of a single product, if you first try, we suggest that you may wish to start from the common and more wild dots smaller style control, such as the figure this white black wave point shirt.

but in the final analysis, no matter how good with a single product in fact still have to see the face, if not seemingly pan, have had a good body caixing, or you gnaw is also heartbreak.

not much to say, i want to take off my shirt to go to fitness friends~

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